GENA1113 New Asia STOT (2 units) 學生為本教學與研討

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Term 2, 2013

Meeting Time I
Time F4-5, 11:30 am - 1:15 pm
Venue ERB 402

Course Description and Learning Objectives

The overall objective of this course is to help students to acquire an understanding of university education, the role of university students in the society, adjustment to university life and the spirit of New Asia College. This course adopts a small group and a less structured teaching format. Throughout the course, students are expected to explore topics related to university education (e.g., on the values and missions), roles of university students and the society (e.g., current social issues), with the aims of promoting problem-solving, presentation and report writing skills. Students are expected to have active participation and contribution in the course under the guidance of the teacher.


Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  1. Recognize characteristics of university education essential for their learning.
  2. Evaluate critically current social issues in Hong Kong and the world.
  3. Apply skills in communication, team work and presentation.

Learning Activities

  1. group discussions
  2. research on presentation topic
  3. essay report
  4. seminar presentations

Assessment Method

  1. STOT/Seminar Presentation (40%)
    1. Presentation
    2. Peer learning
    3. Complete form for each group presentation
  2. Participation in Discussion and Performance in Class (60%)
    1. Overall STOT performance


Name Irwin King
Email king AT
Office Rm 908
Telephone 3943 8398
Office Hour(s) Monday and Tuesday from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Note: This class will be taught in English. Homework assignments and presentations will be conducted in English.


The pdf files are created in Acrobat 6.0. Please obtain the correct version of the Acrobat Reader from Adobe.

Week Date Topics Tutorials Homework & Events Resources
1 Jan. 17 Introduction NA Topics 1 and 2
2 Jan. 24 Group Discussions
Topics 1 and 2
NA Topics 3 and 4
3 Feb. 14 Group Discussions
Topics 3 and 4
4 Feb. 21 STOT Presentations NA TBD
5 Mar. 7 STOT Presentations NA TBD
6 Mar. 14 STOT Presentations NA TBD
7 Mar. 28 STOT Presentations NA TBD
8 Apr. 4 STOT Presentations/Lunch NA TBD

Seminar Presentation Schedule on March 20, 2009

GEN1113 Presentation Schedule
Real name21/2 A21/2 B21/2 C7/3 A7/3 B7/3 C14/3 A14/3 B14/3 C28/3 A28/3 B28/3 C28/3 D14/3 D
DUAN zhiyao       2014-02-14 11:45:31      
Jiang Junjie          2014-02-14 11:53:07   
Zhu Kexin        2014-02-14 11:44:20     
Daphne      2014-02-14 11:44:46       
Andy    2014-02-14 11:49:31         
Flora Yip           2014-02-14 11:51:59  
Phillip Lin     2014-02-14 11:45:50        
David  2014-02-14 11:50:17           
Yang Wendian   2014-02-14 12:32:19          
Jaw Wan Ling         2014-02-14 11:52:15    
LIN, Liang-Yu            2014-03-01 13:14:59 
test            2015-03-31 23:01:262015-03-31 23:01:26
hvh  2017-03-14 00:32:33  2017-03-14 00:32:33        

Please edit the table below with your names and the slot that your group would like to have.

GEN1113 Dinner Get-together1
Real name14/415/416/417/4
Jaw, Wan Ling  2014-03-27 09:53:412014-03-27 09:53:41
Daphne Ng   2014-03-27 13:44:18
Jiang Junjie  2014-03-27 17:11:32 
Yang Wendian 2014-03-28 11:30:582014-03-28 11:30:58 
DUAN Zhiyao 2014-03-28 12:44:14 2014-03-28 12:44:14
David Wan   2014-03-28 11:58:03
Liu Shifei  2014-03-28 12:46:26 
Flora Ip  2014-03-28 13:09:582014-03-28 13:09:58
Zhu Kexin  2014-03-28 13:37:082014-03-28 13:37:08
Phillip Lin   2014-03-29 10:29:11
rr2017-03-14 00:32:16   

Attendance Record

Name Jan 17 Jan 24 Feb 14 Feb 21 Mar 7 Mar 14 Mar 28 Apr 3
DUAN, Zhiyao 段志遙
IP, Wai Tung 葉蕙桐 L L x
JAW, Wan Ling 姚婉齡
JIANG, Junjie 江俊潔
LI, Ka Leung Andy 李嘉亮 x
LIN, Liang-Yu 林亮宇 x x
LIN, Phillip S s
LIU, Shifei 劉時飛 x
MAENG, Jun Ho x x x x x x
NG, Daphne Sue Wai 伍書蔚
OR, Chin Yung Yvonne 柯展鎔 x x x x
WAN, Yu 万宇 x
YANG, Wendian 楊文典
ZHU, Kexin 朱可欣

Reading Materials


  1. Q: What is departmental guideline for plagiarism?
    A: If a student is found plagiarizing, his/her case will be reported to the Department Discipline Committee. If the case is proven after deliberation, the student will automatically fail the course in which he/she committed plagiarism. The definition of plagiarism includes copying of the whole or parts of written assignments, programming exercises, reports, quiz papers, mid-term examinations. The penalty will apply to both the one who copies the work and the one whose work is being copied, unless the latter can prove his/her work has been copied unwittingly. Furthermore, inclusion of others' works or results without citation in assignments and reports is also regarded as plagiarism with similar penalty to the offender. A student caught plagiarizing during tests or examinations will be reported to the Faculty Office and appropriate disciplinary authorities for further action, in addition to failing the course. Please refer to Honesty in Academic Work: A Guide for Students and Teachers for more information.


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