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Special Issue on ACM Transactions on Intelligent System and Technology (TIST)


Special Issue on Twitter
ACM Transactions on Intelligent System and Technology (TIST)
Guest Editors: Irwin King and Wolfgang Nejdl

The Special Issue on ACM Transactions on Intelligent System and Technology (TIST) welcomes original, cutting-edge and state-of-the-art theoretical and applied contributions that make efforts to Twitter. In particular, the special issue seeks principles, methodologies, frameworks, techniques and tools on Twitter, such as Web search and data mining on Twitter, practical and principled novel models of search, informtaion retrieval and mining on Twitter, algorithm design and analysis, in-depth experimental analysis of accuracy and performance, and other Twitter-based applications. For authors of previous conference paper publications, make sure that submissions are at least 30% more than their conference papers.


Original contributions, not currently under review or accepted by another journal, are solicited in relevant areas including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Web search on Twitter
  • Web mining on Twitter
  • Social media search and mining on Twitter
  • Web IR on Twitter
  • Retrieval models and ranking on Twitter
  • Filtering and Recommending on Twitter
  • Opinion mining, sentiment analysis, and information extraction on Twitter
  • Users and Interactive IR on Twitter
  • Social media analysis
  • Evaluation
  • Algorithms and systems, and other applications based on Twitter

Please note that the submitted papers must explicitly address issues on Twitter.

Submission Procedure

Prospective authors should prepare manuscripts according to the Information for Authors as published in recent issues of the journal or at Manuscripts should be submitted through the online ACM TIST manuscript submission system at Please select “Special Issue on Twitter” as the manuscript type. Further details on manuscript preparation as well as publication policies are available on the ACM TIST Web site at Deadline for paper submission is June 30, 2011. And each manuscript will be reviewed by at least 2 experts.

Guest Editors

Irwin King
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Wolfgang Nejdl
Institut für Verteilte Systeme Wissensbasierte Systeme (KBS)
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