Teaching And Learning ENhancement ToolS (TALENTS)

General Introduction

  1. Tools Presentation [ Prezi ]
  2. Tools Homepage [ Home ]

Academic Tools

  1. VeriGuide [ Home | CUHK ]
  2. Reference Detection [ Home ]

Analytics Tools

  1. Grammar Checking [ Home ]
  2. Sentiment Analysis (Opinion Mining) [ Home ]
  3. Readability

Teaching Tools

  1. VeriPoll [ Home ]
  2. Surveying Software

Video Editing Tools

  1. Adobe Premiere
  2. Camtasia Studio [ Home | Tutorials ]
  3. ScreenFlow [ Home ]

E-Learning Authoring Tools

  1. Camtasia Studio [ Home | Demo ]
  2. Adobe Presenter [ Home | Demo ]
  3. Adobe Captivate [ Home | Features | Download | HTML5 Compatibility | Demo ]
  4. Articulate Storyline [ Home | HTML5 Compatibility | Demo ]

Pros & Cons

Camtasia Studio 8

USD $299.00

Windows / Mac (with limited features than Windows version)


  • Easy to use
  • Many advanced features in editing video and audio
  • Record everything, screen capture, webcam, audio at once


  • Quiz results are passed to Camtasia’s server
  • Quiz results can only be received daily through email
  • Only few customize options available

Adobe Presenter 9

USD $499.00



  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly navigation UI
  • Work natively with Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Changes, updates, modifications on PowerPoint slides after publishing are simple
  • Add audio, video, flash and quiz functionality to a PowerPoint presentation in quick
  • Tracking and reporting to internal server


  • Not a standalone software, but just a simple plugin on Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Focus on PowerPoint presentation only, limited features when authoring courses that are based on other contents such as video
  • Lack in advanced features (e.g. lack widgets, no advanced quizzing features, variables)
  • Published in SWF only

Adobe Captivate 7

USD $899.00

Windows / Mac


  • Powerful, precise, full of features and options, more advanced tools comparing to others
  • A round trip workflow with PowerPoint and other Adobe application
  • Aim building varied interactive e-learning content with different multimedia elements, rather than just focusing on PowerPoint
  • Rich library to create interactive contents, such as interactive widgets, drag-and-drop components, advanced quizzing features (Advance quizzing features: pre-tests, partial scoring, remediation, skip and return)
  • Advanced features such as variables, advanced actions, robust animations
  • Export and import XML files for quick content localization
  • Tracking and reporting to internal server
  • Professional output options


  • Great features but sophisticated
  • A substantial learning curve for inexperienced users
  • Custom variables and advanced actions cannot be reuse in another projects (Similar things need to create every times)

Articulate Storyline

USD $1398.00



  • Easy to use (a straight-forward workflow)
  • Intuitive interface
  • Aims for inexperienced users to build a dynamic and interactive e-learning content with useful components such as quizzes, assessments and drag-and-drop options
  • Advanced features such as variables, trigger, object states
  • Scenarios are reusable, meaning the entire structures, triggers, states can be preserved in new projects, which reduce the effort in creating new courses
  • Easy to maintain and evaluate published courses
  • Tracking and reporting to internal server by self-implementation using Javascript and server-side language
  • Has a large online community for finding support


  • The most expensive one among all
  • Screen capture and software simulation capabilities are not as mature as Adobe Captivate (eg. It can not swap out screenshots for an alternate language version of the simulation)
  • Less features and advanced options comparing to Adobe Captivate, such as no widgets, advanced actions, simpler tracking and reporting functions
  • Limited video editing features (eg. Slides and quizes cannot be inserted within a video, video need to be split into clips using other video editing software before importing to Storyline)
  • Course can not be published as a sequential video clip, but a slide-by-slide presentation (eg. as shown in the demo)


General Tools

  1. VeriGuide [ Home | CUHK ]
  2. Grammar Checking
  3. Reference Detection
  4. Sentiment analysis Home
  5. Opinion Mining
  6. Voting Software
  7. Surveying Software
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