Baichuan LI (李百川)

Contact Information

  • Rm 114A, Ho Sin-Hang Engineering Building,
    Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
    CUHK, N.T., Hong Kong
  • Office: +(852)3163-4266


Baichuan LI is currently a Ph.D student (Aug. 2009-) at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, under the supervision of Prof. Irwin King. He received his bachelor's degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University majoring in software engineering. As an undergraduate student, he joined Digital Art Laboratory under the supervision of Prof. Xubo YANG and Vision Lab under the supervision of Prof. Yuncai LIU.

Research Interests

  • Social Computing: Community-based question answering (CQA), Social network analysis
  • Semi-Supervised Learning: Co-training, Graph-based learning
  • Information Retrieval: Link analysis, Blog/Forum IR


Journal Publications

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Professional Activities

  • Keynote Speech and Plenary Talk in Conferences
  • Interviews
  • Tutorial in International Conferences
  • Panel Discussion in International Conferences
  • Invited Talk and Invited Demonstration in International Conferences
  • Editor-in-Chief of International Journal
  • Journal Editorial Service
  • Book Editorial Service
  • Board of Directors, Member of Steering Committee and Society Members
  • International Reviewer and Examiner
  • Conference, Program Committee and Session Chair
  • Chair and Program Committee Chair of International Conferences
  • Program Committee Member of International Conferences
  • Session Chair in International Conferences
  • Invited Talks in International Organizations
  • Invited Talks in Domestic Organizations

Awards & Grants

  • International Research Awards
  • Domestic Research Awards
  • Best Paper Awards
  • International Research Grants
  • Domestic Research Grants
  • Patents
  • Column Articles


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