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 +====== Salisbury II Are The Champs! ======
 +{{:p1020341_2.jpg?200  |}} {{  :playoffs.png?380|}} June 2, 2007.  Prof. King coaches the 12U Salisbury II team in the Hong Kong Youth Inline Hockey League ([[http://www.kpcc.ymcahk.org.hk/activitiesLeagueSeasonMain.asp?season=12|HKYIHL]]) sponsored by the [[http://www.kpcc.ymcahk.org.hk/|YMCA]] during his spare time on Saturdays.  The Salisbury II took Gold over the 10U Dragons by beating them 3-1 in a tough game.  In addition to taking the Gold, the Salisbury II also finished the regular season as the Champs by winning 11 out of 15 games with 10-game winning streaks (15-game winning streaks including the play-offs).  Congratulations to the players (Jonathan Chow, Brian Groebsch (G), Peter Hadiwibawa, Jordan Ho, Daniel King, Ethan Knierim, Matthew Ngai, Matthias Pieth (G), Thomas Pieth, and Jack Woods)  for a wonderful year at the King's Park Centenary Centre ([[http://www.kpcchk.org/|KPCC]])!
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