Salisbury II Are The Champs!

June 2, 2007. Prof. King coaches the 12U Salisbury II team in the Hong Kong Youth Inline Hockey League (HKYIHL) sponsored by the YMCA during his spare time on Saturdays. The Salisbury II took Gold over the 10U Dragons by beating them 3-1 in a tough game. In addition to taking the Gold, the Salisbury II also finished the regular season as the Champs by winning 11 out of 15 games with 10-game winning streaks (15-game winning streaks including the play-offs). Congratulations to the players (Jonathan Chow, Brian Groebsch (G), Peter Hadiwibawa, Jordan Ho, Daniel King, Ethan Knierim, Matthew Ngai, Matthias Pieth (G), Thomas Pieth, and Jack Woods) for a wonderful year at the King's Park Centenary Centre (KPCC)!

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