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24 Feb 2009

Game idea of Dice Mania

In this game, there are a set of dices located on a 3×3 or 5×5 board. All the dices are randomly put on the board, and there are some space left on the board. Players should try their best to roll the dices so that all the dices' orientation satisfy the requirement for that particular level. Each time player can roll one dice to its next adjacent position, and they can select different dice available to roll. The dice cannot roll on another dices and overlapping of dices is not allowed too. The difficulties of the level rises as the size of the board increases or the number of dices is large, or the empty space left on the board is less. We believe that this game idea is simple but in fact it requires players to think a lot in order to complete a level. Also, we think that the implementation can be finished within this semester.

24 Feb 2009

Discussion on the game level

In order to enter next level, players must complete a certain requirements. In our current design, we simply setup a fixed score for each level, and players must obtain the score higher than the fixed score for that level so as to approach next level. This design is in fact naive. Hence, we plan to adopt the method used by another game called “Jewel Quest”.

“Jewel Quest” is also a puzzle game similar as our game. For its design, when the objects of the same type are matched together, they will be golden. A level is said to be completed once all the objects are golden. This design is interesting as the difficulties of change the rest of the objects to be golden become harder and harder as more and more objects are matched.

3 Feb 2009

3D performance of iPhone

Triangles in model Frames per second Triangles per second
9,720 27.81 270,334
14,072 16.90 238,179
22,540 9.95 224,211
31,000 7.50 232,612
36,416 6.44 234,691
48,856 5.61 274,278
86,480 2.73 235,772
122,896 1.90 233,276
Device Max triangles per second
iPhone [1] 613,918
Nokia N95 [2] 719,206
Nintendo DS [3] 120,000
Sony PSP [4] 33,000,000





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