18th June - Tutor

  • First meeting with Patrick and Adrian.
  • Introduction to the CUPIDE system
  • To do: brainstorm on issues we are going to work on in the coming year

27th July - Tutor

  • More knowledge about the CUPIDE system
  • Some other possibilities:
    1. Research on Wikipedia coredump
    2. FYP management system

17th August - Tutor

  • Feasibility of transitional text comparison - Difficult
  • Feasibility of FYP management system - Simple, but not in accordance to our project's aim


3rd, Monday - Professor

  • First meeting with Professors (co-supervisor: Prof. Jimmy Lee)
  • Target: Implement a integrated writting style analyzer/ grammer checker
  • To Start with: Statistical text analysis
  • 2 harddisks borrowed from department

5th, Wednesday - Professor

  • Start preparatory work
  • To do list for the coming 2-3 weeks:
    1. research on the internet existing text analysors and grammer checkers
    2. comparison between these gadgets
    3. list down all possible functions we may implement, in the form of specification document.
  • Recommended readings: Python (for text processing)

10th, Monday - Tutor

  • Summary of working target to Patrick
  • Tutor's recommended websites
  • Borrowed recommended books
  • To do: install Linux on harddisk

12th, Wednesday - Professor

  • quite some functions collected, should start implementing
  • start with the easiest one first, save pos tagging to the last
  • To do: build a web interface with at least a simple word count function
  • porf. king's advice:
    1. solve problems independently
    2. ask for resources we need
    3. apply data structures

19th, Wednesday - Professor

  • implemented a simple web interface with word count function
  • To do: text preprocessing
    1. Base on the CUPIDE source code
    2. Interpret text paragraph by paragraph


10th, Wednesday - Professor

  • Implement the stemming function by using the Porter Algorithm
  • Provide options of pre-processing functions for users
  • Sort the unique word by different orders (e.g.Alphabetic order, Word frequency, etc.)
  • Make the web interface looks profession and visually pleasing
  • See reference from WordNet, TextArc and Lemur

24th, Wednesday - Professor

  • Creat a user friendly interface
  • Division of Labour (Interface & Functions)
  • Write Specification (Design & Technical)
  • Testing



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