Privacy Statement

Registration Information Names, email addresses, postal addresses and other information provided with your conference registration is used for conference purposes only, which may include email or postal mailings. Your email address and other information will not be shared with outside marketing organizations.

Access Logs We log access requests to our server to collect statistics on the number of web page visits as a function of time and the number of accesses by domain name or IP address. Only summaries of this information are used; individual users are not tracked.

Submissions Refereed papers, posters, tutorial and workshop proposals, and other submissions are treated as "conference-confidential" -- that is, they are distributed to reviewers where appropriate in accordance with accepted reviewing procedures common to technical conferences, and are otherwise retained for internal conference use only. Materials selected for presentation are subject to copyright release agreements and are treated in accordance with those agreements. Where required, login information provided as part of the submission process is stored internally for conference use only.