Student/Faculty Expectations on Teaching and Learning

Faculty of Engineering, CUHK

29 Aug 2011


The objective of this document is to provide a balanced set of expectations for students and faculty members for enhancing both teaching and learning. It is intended to be an understanding built on mutual respect and responsibility between the student body and the faculty members.



The Engineering Faculty of CUHK believes that it is important to continually strive for an atmosphere of mutual respect, acknowledgement, and responsibility between faculty members and the student body. Therefore, the CUHK Engineering community strives here to enumerate the specific expectations of each side. However, this document is not intended to be either comprehensive or limiting in regards to the University’statutes. In the end, simple respect for knowledge, hard work, and cordial interactions will help build the environment we seek. Therefore, we remain committed to the ideals of CUHK Engineering, agree to abide by these principles in our time here, and will encourage each other to uphold these responsibilities.


We hold that all students have the right to expect:

  1. a positive, respectful, and engaged academic environment inside and outside the classroom;
  2. to attend classes at regularly scheduled times without undue variations, and to receive before term-end adequate make-ups of classes that are canceled due to leave of absence of the instructor;
  3. to receive a syllabus which should include an outline of the course objectives, entire course content and schedule, evaluation criteria, and any other requirements for successful completion of each course on the first day of class and to be clearly informed of any changes made to the syllabus during the semester with reasonable time to adjust to these changes;
  4. to consult with concerned faculty members and course tutors outside of usual classroom times through regularly scheduled office hours or a mutually convenient appointment;
  5. to have reasonable access to University facilities and equipment in order to complete course assignments and/or objectives;
  6. to have access to guidelines on University’s definition of academic misconduct within any course;
  7. to have reasonable access to grading instruments and/or grading criteria for individual assignments, projects, or exams and to review graded material in a timely fashion;
  8. to consult with each course’s faculty member regarding the petition process for graded coursework.


We hold that all faculty members have the right to expect:

  1. a positive, respectful, and engaged academic environment inside and outside the classroom;
  2. students to appear for class meetings in a timely fashion;
  3. to select qualified course tutors in consultation with Department Chairmen as well as the right to delegate grading, laboratory instruction, tutoring, and other academic activities to these individuals;
  4. students to appear at office hours or a mutually convenient appointment for official matters of academic concern;
  5. full attendance at examination, midterms, presentations, and laboratories, with the exception of formal pre-approved excused absences or emergency situations;
  6. students to be prepared for class, appearing with appropriate materials and having completed assigned readings and homework;
  7. full engagement within the classroom, including meaningful focus during lectures, appropriate and relevant questions, and class participation (for instance, engagement in conversation or phone-calls not related to the lecture topic at hand should be avoided);
  8. to cancel class due to emergency situations and to cover missed material during subsequent class meetings;
  9. students to act with integrity and honesty.
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