Social Computing on the Rise...

November 2009. Mr. Craig Mundie, the Chief Research and Strategy Officer, Microsoft Corporation visited us yesterday to deliver a talk on “Rethinking Computing”. In his talk, Mr. Mundie discussed about the future of computing and lo and behold, one of the emerging topics is “Social Computing” as prominently display in his presentation slide. Well, we will see more and more integration of social components in future software developments.

More information on the event is available <here>.

“We're really trying to change the nature of software…to move it beyond the point and click model of computing to something where people will have a much more natural way of interacting with the machines…I think increasingly we'll be able to talk to our computer and it will talk back…it may even be possible for it to anticipate some of the things we want to do and just do them for us.”

-“Looking Back, Moving Forward” video, June, 2008

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