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 +Illustrating how a form can be used.
 +Action mail king@cse.cuhk.edu.hk kyoung@cuhk.edu.hk
 +Thanks "Thank you for submitting your writing through this system."
 +fieldset "Writing Workshop"
 +fieldset "Organizer's Background Information"
 +select "Salutation" "Miss.|Ms.|Mrs.|Mr.|Dr.|Prof." "=Prof."
 +textbox "First Name (Given Name)" "=First Name"
 +textbox "Last Name (Family Name)" "=Last Name"
 +fieldset "Content"
 +textbox "Abstract" "=Put your motivations here."
 +textarea "Introduction" "=Introduction."
 +textarea "Related Work" "=Related Work."
 +textarea "Related Work" "=Related Work."
 +textarea "Conclusion" "=Conclusion."
 +fieldset "Final Confirmation"
 +static "I agree that the information provided in this form is truthful, to the best of my knowledge."
 +yesno "I have read the above agreement?"
 +textbox "Please type 'agree' here" /^agree$/
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