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2011-12 Term 1

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The Golden Rule of XXXX: No member of the XXXX community shall take unfair advantage of any other member of the XXXX community.

Course Description

This course introduces fundamental as well as applied computational techniques for collaborative and collective intelligence of group behaviours on the Internet. The emphasis of the course is on data mining and knowledge discovery of social interactions, signals and data that are the byproduct of social media services such as search engines, social network sites, blogs, micro-blogs, wikis, etc. The course topics include, but are not limited to: web data mining, knowledge discovery on the web, web analytics, web information retrieval, ranking algorithms, recommender systems, human computation, models and theories about social networks, large graph and link-based algorithms, social marketing, monetization of the web, security/privacy issues related to social computing, etc.

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Week Date Topics Tutorials Homework & Events Resources
1 7/9 Introduction to Web Intelligence and Social Computing
Web 2.0

Tutorial on Python Tim O'Reilly on Web 2.0, The Economist, 20/3/2009
2 14/9 Introduction to Web Intelligence and Social Computing Regular Expressions Web Crawler Introduction to Social Networks
3 21/9 Social Networks-Theory
Graph Theory

02-SNA-02.pdf NEW!
Graph Visualization SWT Theory
4 28/9 Graph Mining

Graph Mining Algorithms
Generating Random Graphs
The Clique Algorithm
5 5/10 Link Analysis

04-LinkAnalysis-01.pdf NEW!
PageRank, HITS, etc. Introduction to Information Retrieval
6 12/10 Learning to Rank

05-Learning2Rank-02.pdf NEW!
PageRank Project Specification
Movie Dataset