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 +====== "Say It Like Steve Jobs" Contest 2008 ======
 +<box 80% round red | **Important Contest 2008 Information**>
 +  * **Event**: "Say It Like Steve Jobs" Multimedia Communication and Authoring Contest
 +  * **Theme**: "//Why Is Engineering Interesting?//"
 +  * **Eligibility**: For those who have attended the workshop on 30 Sep 2008
 +  * **Prize**: [[http://www.apple.com/ipodnano/|iPod Nano]]
 +  * **Submission Deadline**:  15 October 2008
 +  * **Prize Announcement**: 22 October 2008
 +===== Objectives =====
 +The objective of the contest is to award the best presentation that communicates the theme on "Why Is Engineering Interesting?" using technologies presented at the workshop.  All presentations will be reviewed by a judging panel consists of faculty, staff, and professional members.  The prize will be an iPod Nano.  This event is sponsored by Apple Hong Kong.
 +===== Judging Criteria =====
 +A panel of judges will review all presentations using the following including, but not limited to:
 +  * Creativity/Originality
 +  * Quality
 +  * Contents
 +  * Use of Technologies
 +===== Submission Procedure =====
 +  * The attendee can submit one or more presentations in a multimedia format, e.g., Keynote, Quicktime, Podcast, slideshow, etc., generated from iWork, iLife, and/or other related software packages from Apple
 +  * The presentation should be about 3-5 minutes
 +  * Submit your presentation(s) to Ms. Fiona Lam at [[maw08@cse.cuhk.edu.hk]] on or before 15 October 2008
 +===== Presentations =====
 +To be updated.
 +===== Original Workshop Announcement =====
 +                        Say It Like Steve Jobs
 +    A Hands-on Workshop for Multimedia Communication & Authoring
 +Every wonder how Steve Jobs comes up with these great-looking keynotes?
 +Now you can learn new tricks for putting digital tools to use in your
 +projects and presentations, and see why Mac users always seems to
 +produce cooler things with their computers!
 +Whether posting a video to Youtube with a single click, or sending a new
 +podcast episode through your RSS blog, you can now communicate with your
 +friends and professor in a more professional and engaging manner.
 +Come join this hands-on workshop with Apple iLife (containing iPhoto,
 +iMovie, iDVD, etc.) and iWork suite (containing Pages, Keynote and
 +Numbers), and see how you can blend any subjects with the digital
 +communication approach.
 +We can't turn you into a CEO, but at least you can present like one ;).
 +Sign up today! Limited spaces available!
 +Equipment will be provided but you're also welcome to bring your own
 +A surprise is waiting for all Engineering Faculty students and staffs.
 +Don't miss it.
 +      Date         : 30 Sep 2008 (Tue)
 +      Session      : AM (10:00-13:00) or PM (14:30-17:30)
 +      Venue        : Room 904, Ho Sin Hang Eng. Bldg.
 +      Registration : http://www.cse.cuhk.edu.hk/maw
 +For enquiry, please contact Ms. Fiona Lam at maw08@cse.cuhk.edu.hk.
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