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 +====== CUPIDE at the Innovation Expo 2007... ======
 +{{groupnews:img_7105.jpg.jpg?340  |}} {{groupnews:b.jpg?120  |}} September 14, 2007.  The [[http://www.innotech.gov.hk/en/inno_forces/innovationfestival/expo0914.html|Innovation Expo 2007]] showcased the latest achievements of innovative projects in Hong Kong at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.  The CUPIDE project was showcased among other projects from the the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  The opening addresses were given by:
 +  * The Hon. John Tsang Chun-wah, JP, Financial Secretary
 +  * The Hon. Frederick Ma Si-hang, JP, Secretary for Commerce and Economy Development
 +  * Mr. Anthony Wong Sik-kei, Commissioner for Innovation and Technology Commission
 +  * Dr. Rosanna Wong Yick-ming, DBE, JP, Executive Director, The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups
 +Some photos were taken at the expo and please visit the online album at:
 +  *  Innovation Expo: [[http://www.cintec.cuhk.edu.hk/Press/2007/09/album/index.html]]
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