Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
(co-affiliated with) T Stone Robotics Institute
The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)

Office: Rm 1014, Ho Sin-Hang Engineering Building, CUHK, Shatin, HK

Openings: I have multiple openings for Postdoc/PhD/Mphil/RA/Intern (all-year-round) to work on research projects related to medical image analysis, robotic surgery intelligence, machine learning, extended reality, AI robotics in general.
Students with strong self-motivation and publication record are preferred. If you are a CUHK student interested in working with me,
feel free to drop me an email or walk in my office!

Postdoc/RA positions (open all-year-round): Reinforcement learning and imitation learning, robot perception and motion planning, synergistic AI/XR for medical education, surgical simulation, deep model adaptation/generalization, non-iid federated learning.

PhD/Mphil topics: medical image analysis (generalizability, federated learning, causality), robotic surgery (surgical video interpretation, 3D reconstruction, reinforcement learning for robotic task automation), multi-sensory robotic perception (in various scenarios).

I start to look for 2023Summer intern and 2024Fall PhD and Mphil, email me directly with your CV if interested.

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