Advacned Topics in Internet Technology

Student/Faculty Expectations on Teaching and Learning

Instructor: John C.S. Lui

In this course, we will study some of the recent issues in distributed multimedia applications, P2P and overlay networks, network measurements techniques and security issues. This course is intended to be advanced level and seminar oriented and therefore, paper presentation is necessary. I will compile a list of papers from the latest conferences, journals and technical reports. I will first present some lectures and papers in these areas during the course.

Course Grades: Final Exam: 40%, Projects: 30%, Group Presentation: 30%.

Course Schedule: Monday 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM.

The tentative topics are :

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Lecture Notes

Overview (Course Overview)

Lecture 1 (Simulation)

Lecture 2 (Introduction to TCP Congestion Control)

Lecture 3 (Fluid-based Analysis of a Network of AQM Routers Supporting TCP Flows with an Application to RED) (reference paper)

Lecture 4 (Introduction to DDoS and Trinoo)

Lecture 5 (Defending Against DDoS Attack) (reference paper)

Lecture 6 (Defending Against Low Rate TCP Attack) (reference paper)

Lecture 7 (A Case of Multi-Key Secure Video Proxy: Theory, Design and Implementation) (Reference: Paper in ACM Multimedia Conference)

Lecture 8 (Security Services for Internet Flows and Multicast)

Lecture 9 (Distributed and Collaborative Key Agreement Protocol with Authentication and Implementation for Dynamic Peer Groups) (reference paper)

Lecture 10 (Introduction to BT File Sharing Protocol)

Lecture 11 (On the Performance and Availability of BitTorrent-like P2P File Sharing Systems) (refe rence paper)

Lecture 12 (The Delicate Tradeoffs in BitTorrent-like File Sharing Protocol Design) (reference paper)

Lecture 13 (Small-World Overlay P2P Networks: Construction and Handling Dynamic Flash Crowd) (reference paper)

Lecture 14 (On the Interaction of Multiple Overlay Routing) (reference paper)

Lecture 15 (Performance Modeling on the interaction of ISPs) (reference paper)

Lecture 16 (Design and Analysis of ISP-friendly File Distribution Protocol) (reference paper)

Lecture 17 (A Simple Model for Analyzing P2P Streaming Protocols) (reference paper)

Lecture 18 (Stochastic Analysis of File Swarming Systems) (reference paper)

Lecture 19 (Incentive Modeling for P2P Systems)

Lecture 20 (Network Coding Gains in Wireless Networks) (reference paper)

Lecture ???? (Analytical Background and Topologies)

Lecture ???? (Infrastructure and Measurement Tools)

Lecture ???? (Applications to Internet Measurement)


Project 1 (Simulate the Low-rate TCP attack and its impact to TCP flows)

Project 1a (Survey on TCP variants)

Extra Credit Project (for those who want to go an extra mile !!) (Simulate the Low-rate TCP attack and its impact to TCP flows)

List of Papers for Presentation

Please select one paper from the following list:

Presentation Schedule