Fast Image/Video Upsampling

Qi Shan, Zhaorong Li, Jiaya Jia, and Chi-Keung Tang



We propose a simple but effective upsampling method for automatically enhancing the image/video resolution, while preserving the essential structural information. The main advantage of our method lies in a feedback-control framework which faithfully recovers the high-resolution image information from the input data, without imposing additional local structure constraints learned from other examples. This makes our method independent of the quality and number of the selected examples, which are issues typical of learning-based algorithms, while producing high-quality results without observable unsightly artifacts. Another advantage is that our method naturally extends to video upsampling, where the temporal coherence is maintained automatically. Finally, our method runs very fast. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our algorithm by experimenting with different image/video data.



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Left: Our Result                               Right: Bicubic Upsampling

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Our Results

Bicubic Upsampling Results


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