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Social Media and Social Computing Book Series

with Taylor and Francis

Irwin King, Series Editor


The Social Media and Social Computing Series focuses on publishing high quality references in the rapidly emerging area of social media and social computing. Both experimental/practical as well as theoretical investigations are welcome. The series targets both scholars and practitioners in social media and social computing for work in the intersection of computer science, information technology, psychology, economics, education and other social sciences. The advent of the Internet and the Web has resulted in social interactions and behaviors through the use of technologies and web services, e.g., hardware devices such as smart phones, tablets, RFID, etc., software services such as wikis, blogs, micro-blogs, social network sites, recommender systems, social bookmarking, social news, multimedia sharing sites, etc. Analyzing these technologically- enabled interactions in their social context will benefit information providers and information consumers. However, the large volume and scale of user-generated contents require effective modeling methods and efficient algorithms to handle these chalenging problems.

Topics Covered

The areas of interest covered by the series include, but are not limited to:

  • Design and development of social media systems
  • Theoretical investigation of social media systems
  • Social computation
  • Question and answering.
  • Learning to rank
  • Graph mining and large graph algorithms
  • Social network theory and analysis
  • Recommender systems and collaborative filtering
  • Opinion mining and sentiment analysis
  • Trend and anomaly detection in social networks
  • Social dynamics and temporal trend analysis
  • Social analytics
  • Expert finding, community detection
  • Social analytics, social informatics, and social metrics
  • Human computation and crowdsourcing
  • Virtual communities
  • Social media and social games
  • Wisdom of the crowd and group intelligence
  • Software tools and platforms for social media systems
  • Data processing and benchmarking
  • Social media in entertainment
  • Social med ia in the education and learning environment
  • Data processing and benchmarking
  • Social media in entertainment
  • Social media in the education and learning environment
  • Social group interaction and collaboration framework, methodologies, etc.
  • User modeling, personalization,profiling, etc.
  • Viral marketing and information diffusion

We invite book proposals in the following formats:

  • Monographs
  • Edited volumes
  • Surveys and Overviews
  • Tutorials
  • Textbooks
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