IJCNN2009 Special Session

SP09: Computational Techniques for Social Computing

Submission Information

  • Abstract: With the advent of the Web 2.0, Social Computing has emerged as one of the latest paradigm shifts in the computing discipline. In a nutshell, Social Computing banks on the connectivity, collaboration, and community characteristics of the Web 2.0 technology and combines the social behavior of groups with the intelligence computation to form a new and emerging area of study.

    This Special Session aims to present latest research on using computational techniques to collect, process, and mine volumes of data on social interactions among various social platforms such as wikis, blogs, forums, instant messaging systems, recommender systems, tagging systems, etc. Moreover, we are interested in novel work on the way we perform ranking, tagging, collaborative filtering, social marketing, human computation, opinion mining, etc., in Social Computing.
  • Topics (include but not limited to):
    • Social network theory, modeling, analysis, applications, etc.
    • Web mining, web intelligence, collective wisdom
    • Collaborative filtering, recommender systems
    • Human computation, social games
    • Link analysis, Large graph algorithms
    • Social tagging analysis and applications
    • Ranking algorithms, learning to rank
    • Monetization of social interactions
    • Social browsing, ranking, and searching
    • Social media systems and applications
    • Cultural impact of social networks

Session Chair's Contact Information

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