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The IEEE Technical Committee on Cyber-Physical Systems aims at promoting interdisciplinary research and education in the field of cyber-physical systems (CPS). CPS addresses the close interaction and deep integration between the cyber components such as sensing systems and the physical components such as varying environment and energy systems. The exemplary CPS research areas include the theory and practice of data sensing and manipulation, the engineering foundation of the cyber-physical interactions, the design and verification of embedded computing systems, and the application of CPS methodologies in various areas such as smart energy systems, smart cities, automotive systems, medical prosthetics, wearable devices, internet of things, etc.

The design, implementation and operation of CPS systems need the consideration of multiple aspects such as computational constraints, performance, energy, user experience, security, reliability, fault tolerance, flexibility and extensibility. There is a great need for advanced computing techniques such as large-scale analytical modeling, complex stochastic optimization, machine learning, formal methods and verification, and real-time intelligent control, which can address CPS challenges including the fast increase of system scale and complexity, the close interactions with dynamic physical environment, and the significant uncertainties in sensor readings. It is also imperative to bridge CPS research to a variety of emerging domains including data analytics, smart energy systems, smart health, smart cities, etc.

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IEEE International Conference on Recent Advances in Systems Science and Engineering (RASSE) 2021

Nov. 7–9, 2021


IEEE International Conference on Energy Internet (ICEI) 2021

Aug. 23–26, 2021


Webinar: Make Entrepreneurship Lemonade during Tough Times

Date & Time: April 29, 2021, 6–7:30pm PST

Speaker: Professor Yuanyuan Zhou


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