System Code

(Above is for Hadoop 1.x. For Hadoop 2.x, use this system code)

Pregel+ system code is just a set of header files, one may include them into the application code and compile using GCC. The current system code runs in Linux.

Toy Graph

Each line represents a vertex.

Line format:    vertex-ID    \t    number-of-neighbors    neighbor1-ID    neighbor2-ID    •••

To run the application code with the toy graph, put the data to HDFS as follows:

hadoop fs -mkdir /toyFolder

hadoop fs -put {your_local_directory_for_toy.txt}/toy.txt /toyFolder

To check the result, type the following command:

hadoop fs -cat /toyOutput/*

Application Code

Ordinary Mode (Basic Pregel)

(i.e., without mirroring and request-respond techniques)

Mirroring Mode

Request-Respond Paradigm