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 +====== Scalable Pointer Analysis ======
 +====== Sponsor ======
 +<fs 1.5em>Qirun Zhang</fs>\\
 +{{:student:qrzhang.jpg?120 }}
 +====== Project Introduction ======
 +This project focuses on scaling CFL-Reachabiliby-Based Pointer Analysis.  Pointer analysis is a fundamental static analysis problem.  Improving the scalability of pointer analysis can benefit many subsequent static analyses such as available expression analysis and constant propagation analysis. This project presents a set of fast algorithms for solving the all-pairs CFL-reachability in pointer analyses. In particular, it introduces fast Dyck-CFL-reachability algorithms which increase the scalability of an existing alias analysis for Java by three orders of magnitude.
 +====== Selected Paper ======
 +"Fast Algorithms for Dyck-CFL-Reachability with Applications to Alias Analysis,"  **Qirun Zhang**, M.R. Lyu, Hao Yuan and Zhendong Su, //in Proceedings of the 34th annual ACM SIGPLAN conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation (PLDI 2013), //Seattle, Washington, USA, June 16 -- 22, 2013.  {{:paper:pldi2013.pdf|Paper}}\\ \\
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