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Research Grants and Awards (totally 48 million, 34 million as P.I.)

  1. Principal Investigator, “Mining User Reviews Intelligently for Assisting Developers in App Development,” 2018 MSRA Collaborative Research Award, 01/05/2018 – 30/04/2019, HK$234,000.
  2. Principal Investigator, “An End-to-End Framework to Detect Performance and Reliability Issues of Mobile-Cloud Computing,” CUHK14210717, RGC General Research Fund, 01/01/2018 – 31/12/2020, HK$500,000.
  3. Principal Investigator, “Log Monitoring and Analysis for Data-Driven Reliability Engineering,” CUHK14234416, RGC General Research Fund, 01/01/2017 – 31/12/2018, HK$450,432.
  4. Co-Investigator, “Knowledge and Education Exchange Platform,” Focused Innovations Scheme, 2014-2017, HK$3,420,000.
  5. Principal Investigator, “Data-Oriented Reliability Prediction and Fault Tolerance in Services Computing,” Research Grants Council - General Research Fund, 2014-2017, HK$875,000.
  6. Principal Investigator, “Intelligent Failure Diagnosis Technology & Software Design for Testability: Backend Smartphone Log Analysis,” Huawei Technologies Research Grant, 1 December 2016 – 30 November 2017, HK$685,500.
  7. Principal Investigator, “Performance Monitoring & Reliability Enhancement with Log Data Analysis for Large Scale Distributed System,” Microsoft Research Asia Research Grant, 2016-2017, HK$155,000.
  8. Principal Investigator, “Service Quality Engineering via Modeling and Exploiting Platform-Generated Big Data,” Research Grants Council - General Research Fund, 2013-2016, HK$645,500.
  9. Principal Investigator, “WDM Network Evaluation and Analysis (Phase 2),” Huawei Technologies Research Grant, 1 December 2016 – 30 November 2017, HK$705,000.
  10. Principal Investigator, “WDM Network Evaluation and Analysis,” Huawei Technologies Research Grant, 2015-2016, HK$702,500.
  11. Principal Investigator, “Quality-Oriented Personalized Recommendation Theory and Algorithms in Services Computing,” RGC General Research Fund, 2013-2015, HK$656,400.
  12. Principal Investigator, “Interocular Distance Measurement and Axis Tracking Engine (IDMATE) for 3D Superimposition Perception,” Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF), 2012-2013, HK$999,350.
  13. Principal Investigator, “Towards Trustworthy Cloud Computing with Component-based Design, Online Evaluation, and Runtime Optimization Techniques,” NSFC/RGC Joint Research Scheme, 2012-2014, HK$1,011,425.
  14. Principal Investigator, “Aggregating Spatial-Temporal-Relational Information for Personalized Location-Based Service Recommendation,”Google Mobile 2014 Focused Grant Project, 2011-2012, US$50,000.
  15. Principal Investigator, “On the Development of Reliable Cloud Computing: A Framework, Techniques, and Experimentation,” RGC General Research Fund, 2011-2014, HK$1,060,875.
  16. Principal Investigator, “Core Technology for Multimedia Signal Processing and Productization for Converged 3G Network, Index & Retrieval,” Guangdong-Hong Kong Joint Scheme, Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF), 2010-2012, HK$5,458,636.
  17. Principal Investigator, “Mining User Travel Paths For Personalized Point-of-Interest Recommendation,” Google Mobile 2014 Focused Grant Project, 2010-2011, US$70,000.
  18. Principal Investigator, “Spatial and Appearance Correlation of Multi-view Surveillance Videos for In-Store Customer Trace Discovery and Pro-Active Selling,” Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF), 2010-2011, HK$996,176.
  19. Principal Investigator, “Service Reliability Engineering: Building Predictably Reliable Service-Oriented Systems,” RGC General Research Fund, 2010-2013, HK$690,000.
  20. Principal Investigator, “A Distributed Evaluation and Selection Paradigm for Fault Tolerant Web Services,” RGC General Research Fund, 2009-2012, HK$759,000.
  21. Principal Investigator, “Visible and Infrared Video Integrated Marking for Augmented Gesture Extraction (VIVid IMAGE) in Digital Entertainment,” ITSP - Information Technology, 2009-2010, HK$999,660.
  22. Principal Investigator, “A Collaborative Machine Learning Framework for Multimedia Information Retrieval,” Microsoft Research Asia Research Grant, 2009-2010, HK$98,000.
  23. Principal Investigator, “Video Capture and View Construction for Volume Computing in Digital Entertainment (VC3),” Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF), 9/2008-6/2009, HK$995,900.
  24. Principal Investigator, “Software Reliability Engineering with Machine Learning Techniques,” RGC Earmarked Grant, 2008-2010, HK$338,293.
  25. Principal Investigator, “Video Processing Toolkit for Visual Perception Technology (VPT2) in Computer Games,” Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF), 9/2007-7/2008, HK$998,315.
  26. Co-Investigator, “Aspect-Oriented Traceability via Lexical, Syntactic, Semantic and Variability Analysis,” RGC Earmarked Grant, 2007-2009, HK$638,400.
  27. Principal Investigator, “A Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) Service Architecture and Integration Research Center,” Internal Research Grant, 2007-2009, HK$290,000.
  28. Principal Investigator, “Software Reliability Modeling Incorporating Testing Time and Coverage Measurements,” RGC Earmarked Grant, 2007-2010, HK$532,800.
  29. Principal Investigator, “Enabling Face-to-Face Entertainment Computing Technology (EFFECT),” Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF), 9/2006-7/2007, HK$999,925.
  30. Co-Investigator, “Mobile Technologies Centre (MobiTeC),” HK$300,000.
  31. Principal Investigator, “An Automatic Multi-layer Video Content Classification Framework,” Shun Hing Institute of Advanced Engineering Research Grant, 2005-2006, HK$892,000.
  32. Principal Investigator, “A Design Paradigm for Fault-Tolerant Wireless Distributed Software Systems,” RGC Earmarked Grant, 2004-2006, HK$360,734.
  33. Principal Investigator, “Augmented Reality Computing Arena for Digital Entertainment (ARCADE),” Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF), 2004-2006, HK$3,896K.
  34. Principal Investigator, “Reliable Automatic Multi-Layer Video Content Classification Based on Syntactic and Semantic Features,” RGC Earmarked Grant, 2003-2005, HK$377,149.
  35. Inventor, “Video2MMS,” a technology to automatically convert news contents to MMS messages, current awarded license fees HK$80K.
  36. Advisor for the winning team of the Best .NET Application of the Year Award in Hong Kong Microsoft Web Service Xcellence Competition, 2002; Awarded HK$50K research grant.
  37. Principal Investigator, “Design Diversity by Component-Based Software Development,” RGC Earmarked Grant, 2002-2004, HK$413,404.
  38. Principal Investigator, “Engineering Distributed Objects for Reliability and Interoperability,” RGC Earmarked Grant, 2001-2003, HK$387,248.
  39. Principal Investigator, “Dependability and Security Paradigms for Mobile Agent Systems,” RGC Earmarked Grant, 2000-2003, HK$437,817.
  40. Principal Investigator, “A Multilingual Digital Video Content Hub,” Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF), 2000-2003, HK$5,980K. (The largest single-project funding in the CSE department history when funded.)
  41. Principal Investigator, “The Effect of Diversity in Large-Scale Distributed Systems,” UK/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme 2000, L5992 (HK$73112).
  42. Principal Investigator, “Architecture-Based Techniques and Tools for Software Reliability Engineering,” France/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme, 2000-2001, HK$31K and FF20700.
  43. Principal Investigator, “Architecture-Based Software Reliability Engineering Techniques,” RGC Earmarked Grant, 1999-2001, HK$405K.
  44. Co-Principal Investigator, “OCF – Open Component Foundation,” Industrial Support Fund, 1999-2003, HK$7,079K.
  45. Principal Investigator, “Architecture-Based Techniques and Tools for Software Reliability Engineering,” France/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme, 1999-2000, HK$30K and FF20700.
  46. Co-Principal Investigator, “A Pilot Scheme on Q-Mark Software for Hong Kong Education,” Quality Education Fund, 1998-1999, HK$1,400K.
  47. Direct Grant, “Structured-Based Software Reliability Modeling Techniques,” CUHK/UGC, 1998-1999, HK$80,000.
  48. Direct Grant, “A Phase-Based Approach for Software Reliability Engineering,” CUHK/UGC, 1997 -1998, HK$150,000.
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