Yufei Tao

Adjunt Professor

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Chinese University of Hong Kong

I have moved to the University of Queensland, where my homepage is here.
It is my hope that the rift between the mainland and Hong Kong can ease soon.

General Research Fund

I am tremendously grateful for the funding support from the Research Grant Council of Hong Kong:

GRF 142012/15 Massive Stream Sampling: Theory and Applications. (Declined due to my 2016 departure)
GRF 142072/14 Independent Sampling: Defeating Big Queries.
GRF 4168/13 I/O-Efficient Social Network Characterization.
GRF 4164/12 Query Processing on Data Organized with Tags.
GRF 4165/11 Data Retrieval Techniques on Spatial Networks.
GRF 4166/10 Spatial Keyword Search.
GRF 4169/09 Representative Search: Modeling, Algorithms, and Prototypes.
GRF 4173/08 Data Anonymization in the Presence of Arbitrary Updates.
GRF 4161/07 Personalized Privacy Preserving Data Publication.
GRF 1202/06 Query Processing on Historical Uncertain Spatiotemporal Data.
GRF 1163/04 Approximate Aggregate Processing in Spatio-temporal Databases.


I keep my course materials here as references to students.

Representative Courses at CUHK
ENGG1410 Linear Algebra and Vector Calculus.
BMEG3120 Database and Security for Biomedical Engineering.
CSCI5010 Computational Geometry.
CSCI5020 External Memory Data Structures.
CMSC5724 Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery.

WST501 Fundamentals of Searching Web-Scale Datasets.
WST540 Web Search and Text Analysis.

Graduate Supervision

I cannot leave without mentioning my graduate students at CUHK:

Dr. Xiaocheng Hu (PhD 2015, now at Google Japan)
Dr. Cheng Sheng (PhD 2012, now at Google Switzerland)
Prof. Xiaokui Xiao (PhD 2008, now Associate Professor at the Nanyang Technological Univ., Singapore)

I also had the pleasure of working with master students Jiexing Li, Ling Ding, Xiaobing Wu, and Sze Man Yuen.