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CMSC5711 Image Processing and Computer Vision

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CMSC5711 Image Processing and Computer Vision (course description): The first part of the course includes fundamental topics in image processing, e.g., image enhancement techniques, color image processing, image segmentation, and image compression. The second part of the course focuses on topics concerning methodologies of recovering 3D information from 2D images. Specifically, techniques for camera calibration, stereo vision, motion analysis, pose estimation and structure from motion will be discussed. These techniques will have practical applications to virtual reality, model reconstruction and graphics.
Edited: 2 Dec., 2021

Date: Term 2020-2021 (Wed)
CMSC5711 - Term 2 - Wed (6:30-9:30pm)
Venue: ERB803. See AVSU  and cuhk-campus-map
Tutors: To Be Announced.
Final Exam:  To Be Announced.

Teacher : Dr. K.H. Wong  ( khwong@cse_dot_cuhk_dot_edu_hk )
Tutor  : ZHANG, Jianping <JianpingZhang@link_dot_cuhk_dot_edu_dot_hk )

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iv00: Course outline
Octave guide
iv01. Introduction

iv02. Camera model
2 ChessBoard.pdf ,
demo video
iv03. Edge detection
iv04. Feature extraction 4
iv05. Hough transform 5

No lecture, Chinese New year Holiday

iv06. Histogram 6

iv07. Camshift 7

iv08. Stereo
iv09. Structure from motion by factorization (SFM)

iv10. Pose estimation
iv11. Bundle adjustment
MATLAB software for 3D reconstruction
iv12. VRML display

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Lee Shau Kee Building  LT4 (If face-to-face is allowed, but until now face-to-face is not allowed), see Campus (Map)