Course: GECC4130, 2021-22【專題討論】Chung Chi college general education senior seminar
  College GE Office Email: College GE Office Location: M/F Chung Chi Admin. Building

Updated: 29 June , 2021
Teacher : Dr. K.H. Wong     ( khwong AT cse DOT

Meeting time  (Friday 3:30-6:15PM) 
Assignment submission link :

Consultation 1 meeting : 2021 Jun. 7-12 
7 June   (Mon)-- 8:00pm-8:30pm Gp2  ||| 8:30pm-9pm Gp1
8 June   (Tue) -- 8:00pm-8:30pm Gp3  ||| 8:30pm-9pm Gp5

9 June  (wed) -- 6:00pm-6:30pm Gp6
10 June (Thur)-- 8:00pm-8:30pm Gp7 
||| 8:30pm-9pm Gp4:

Consultation 2 meeting : 2021 Mid-to late Aug.
Consultation 3 meeting : with the presentation group, one week before presentation

Time table 2021
The first presentation meeting : To be announced

Venue: CKB UG04    (陳國本樓) . See AVSU  and cuhk-campus-map

Group number/title : For this course, only 7 whole_class_meetings as shown on the right, no whole_class_meeting on other Fridays.
Presentation time
(Friday, 3:30-6:15PM)

1) Analysing the mental trauma on HK university students after 2019 social movement
15 Oct. 2021

2) 通過香港大學生心理健康探討香港的大學應否提供「主動式」心理輔導支援 22 Oct. 2021 1

3) Prevalence of vegetarianism in CUHK: Its Implications and Corresponding Solution 29 Oct. 2021 2

4) 探討香港二手衣物市場如何提升本地年輕人的環保意識 5 Nov. 2021 3

5) 探討香港大學生於疫情下運動模式之轉變
12 Nov. 2021 4

6) 探討香港本地⼿作市集如何改變年青⼈的⽣活模式 19 Nov. 2021 5

7) Exploring the changes of Hong Kong university students’ participation in local handicraft 26 Nov. 2021 6

Lesson flow




Lesson Arrangement

Recommended time allocation

(2hr 2hrs 45mins)



Presentation Group

One group will present on their group study.

40 minutes





Another group, the commentary group, will comment on the presentation.


/////// additional details///////

Commentary session (20 minutes)

The commentary group can ask questions concerning the following recommended topic. I suggest each student in the commentary group concentrates on one topic and ask relevant questions during the commentary session. I expect each member of the commentary group will ask at least two questions.

These are suggested topics.

1)      Problem definition:

a.       Is it well defined and clear?

b.       Is it logical?

2)      Execution of the research:

a.       Is the questionnaire well designed and written?

b.       Is the data collection process good enough?

3)      Analysis of data

a.       Does the research collect enough data?

b.       Does the data collected give enough information to draw the conclusion?

c.       Any suggestion on data collection?

4)      Comment on suggestion and conclusion

a.       Is the conclusion good enough?

b.       Is the final suggestion given by the presentation group give enough guideline for the audience?


20 minutes


Break (Optional)

10 minutes






Open to all groups.

Discussion led by either the presenting or commentary group (to be decided within individual class).

/////// additional details////////

Part (iii-a) (10 minutes) each group will discuss among themselves to prepare questions for the following open session.

Part (iii-b): (15 Minutes) to be organized by the commentary group which must prepare and raise questions concerning the presentation and invite all other students to give comments and discuss the problem.

Part (iii-c): (15 minutes) to be organized by the presentation group which must prepare and raise questions concerning the presentation and invite all other students to give comments and discuss the problem.

Part (iii-d): (10 minutes): Each non-presentation and non-commentary group (5 of them) will raise questions or give comments on the research.

50 minutes or above



By course supervisor


5 minutes




According to a previous opinion poll among teachers, the following arrangements for open discussion have been recommended:

a)  Free discussion among all students attending the class.

b)  Discussion among group representatives (one for each group).
c)  Apart from group discussions, students may grade their counterparts by peer grading and comments.

Other information:
Important Notes : GECC4130ImportantNotes_21-22.docx
CUHK terms 2021-2:

Each group should contact Prof. KH Wong for 3 meetings:
1) Consultation1 meeting on Project proposal, around  Jun. 7-12  (Send draft to supervisor before the meeting)
2) Consultation2 meeting on Interim report, after 15 Aug. (Send draft to supervisor before the meeting)
3) Consultation3 meeting on Presentation preparation, 7 days before presentation. (Send draft of PPT to supervisor before the meeting)

Due to the diverse schedule (out-town) during summer of students nowadays, it may be difficult to engage all 4 members in one face-to-face meeting, supervisor may ask the student who is unavailable to list out progress/contributions/inquiries to be reported by attending groupmates.
What to do:
Submit assignments through
Deadline Content and information See  Time Venue comment
Assessment Scheme
See GECC4130 Course Outline (, look for Assessment Scheme:

Consultation #1 (for Phase 1: Preparation & Planning, late April to early Summer) Jun. 7-12 

Assignment1 15 June, 2021
4.1  Project Proposal:  計劃書撰寫指引 Guidelines for Writing a Proposal (about 3-5 pages), See GECC4130ImportantNotes21-22.docx

Assignment2 15 Aug., 2021
4.2  Interim Progress Report (IPR) Form 度 報告表 Interim Progress Report (IPR) Form ( docx / pdf )
See GECC4130ImportantNotes21-22.docx

Consultation #2 (for Phase 2: Inquiry & Analysis, mid to late Summer) Mid-to-late-Aug

Assignment3 7 days before presentation date 4.3  Presentation Outline and Material (draft of the PPT  to be presented)

Consultation #3 (for Phase 3: Closure & Results Delivery, late Summer to early Term 1) Within the week  before presentation.

  • 4.1 (Final report)
  • 4.2 (reflective individual essay)
  • 4.1 (intra-group evaluation form)

Two weeks after the presentation  Students have to submit in English or Chinese (through ):
1) A project report (one  copy for the group, 
7000-10000 words in Chinese or English), (See 小組報告建議評分指引 Suggested Rubrics for Project Report and 封面頁範本 Cover Page Template) *(VeriGuide required)

2) Reflective essay (individual, not less than 800 words
in Chinese or English), please put your name, student_ID, group number with project title at the beginning  of the essay (see 反 思文章寫作指引 Guideline for Reflective Essay) *(VeriGuide NOT required)

3) Intra-group evaluation form  (
see 組內互評表 Intra-Group Peer Evaluation Form : Word)
*(VeriGuide NOT required)
The above forms and guides can be download form or (look for Documents Download  文件下載 )


a)   Upload to VeriGuide. All students of the same group should be asked to sign the declaration, each of whom is responsible should there be any plagiarized contents in the group project, irrespective of whether he/she has signed the declaration and whether he/she has contributed directly or indirectly to the plagiarized contents.

b)    Submission to Course Supervisor. The Project report, together with its signed (all members) declaration form and other paperworks which includes individual reflective essay and intra-group evaluation forms, should be submitted to Course Supervisor within 2 weeks after presentation (unless other specified by supervisor)

c)   Duplicate submission to College Blackboard. For project report archive and the maintenance of the CCGE report database, students have to upload their project report (full report with cover page, content, bibliography, etc.)  at the College GECC4130 centralized Blackboard website.

Presentation : Seven Lessons – Term 1, 2021/22

GECC4130 Senior Seminar class lessons are scheduled on Fridays 3:30-6:15pm. Each lesson involves three core sessions: Presentation, Commentary and Open Discussion, and usually ends with a conclusion by supervisor. For each topic, the presentation group will present on their work, next a pre-assigned commentary group will give comment on the presentation, followed by the open discussion session for all students and conclusion by supervisor.

Assessment scheme


Exact due date to be specified by course supervisor  


Assessment Type

 Assessment Task



Project 40%


10% (Group)

Phase 1-3

·     At least TWO consultations.

·     Submit Interim Progress Report (IPR) Form in late summer.


10% (Group)

Phase 1 paperwork

Project report

20% (Group)

Phase 3 paperwork

Presentation 20%

Oral presentation

20% (Individual)

Phase 3 in-class activities

Discussion 25%


10% (Individual)

Phase 3 in-class activities

Open discussion

15% (Individual)

Essay 5%

Reflective essay

5% (Individual)

Phase 3 paperwork

Others 10%

Intra-Group Peer Evaluation

10% (Individual)


Students should confirm the exact due dates with their supervisor and submit the assignments on time.