System Code

Gtimer system code is written in C++ and compile using MPIC++. The current system code runs in Linux.

Toy Temporal Graph

Each line represents a vertex.

Line format:    vertex-ID    \t    number-of-out_neighbors    neighbor1-ID     number-of-times    traversal_time    time1     •••     neighbor2-ID    •••

In the toy graph, the traversal time of each temporal edge is 1. Take vertex 1 as example, it has only one out-neighbor 3, and there are only one temporal edge between 1 and 3 where the time instance is 5. Thus, the line for vertex 1 is "1 \t 1 3 1 1 5".

To run the system with the toy graph, put the data to HDFS as follows:

hadoop fs -mkdir /toyFolder

hadoop fs -put {your_local_directory_for_toy.txt}/toy.txt /toyFolder