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Checking storage space

A good administration practise is the check the disk space usage from time to time to prevent disk full. The smooth running of a system requires storing system logs, writing temporary files, spooling emails and print jobs, etc. When disk spaces are unavailable, these operations would fail.

To check the usage of "mounted" disk space, we can use command "df".


[yuni@lovely-linux yuni]$ df 
Filesystem           1k-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/hda1               782664    621976    120932  84% /
/dev/hda2              2229548   1972568    143724  94% /usr
/dev/hda4              2411408   2077756    211160  91% /home

N.B. your output may be different.

In this example, the root filesystem on /dev/hda1 has used up 608MB out of its total size 764MB. The usage of other two filesystems /usr and /home are 94% and 91% respectively.

System Administrator
Thu Jul 26 10:50:59 HKT 2001