CSC2100B Data Structures

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Lecture Archieve

Date Topic MP3 Video
2008/1/7 Introductionmp3_icon.jpg
2008/1/14 1. Algorithm Analysis

2. Recurrence

mp3_icon.jpg mp3_icon.jpg
2008/1/22 List, Stacks, and Queuesmp3_icon.jpg mp3_icon.jpg
2008/1/28 List, Stacks, and Queues

Tree Data Structures and Algorithms

mp3_icon.jpg mp3_icon.jpg
2008/2/25 Hash Functions mp3_icon.jpg mp3_icon.jpg
2008/3/3 Hash Functions mp3_icon.jpg mp3_icon.jpg
2008/3/10 1. Heaps

2. Sorting Algorithms

2008/3/17 Sorting Algorithmsmp3_icon.jpg mp3_icon.jpg
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