Guidelines on Handing in Assignments
Guidelines on Handing in Assignments
  1. Plagiarism will be penalized harshly.

  2. All assignments are expected to be handed in on A4 size paper.

  3. Clearly written with the name of student, student ID no, the Course Code (i.e. CSC3230 or CSC2520), and email address on top right hand corner. It should be stapled if it has multiple pages.

  4. Assignments should be handed in on or before the date of Deadline stated on the homework sheet unless otherwise specified. The lecturer will collect it at the beginning of the lecture. One could turn in any late submission in the lecturer's pigeon hole or slide it under his office door.

  5. Names of the students that have handed-in will be listed on the news group cuhk.cse.3230 or cuhk.cse.2520. Student should contact one of the tutors or the lecturer as soon as possible if there is any problem.

  6. Deduction of 20% will be applied to all the late submissions, unless pre-informed.

  7. No late submission is allowed after the assignment is marked and returned to students.

  8. If the homework problem is ambiguous then write down your assumption before answering it. It will be graded according to your assumption or else it will be graded according to our assumption.

  9. Any announcement in the newsgroup is official. It is your responsibility to read the newsgroup regularly.

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