Irwin's Snap Shots

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Trailwalker 2001. I stayed with these hiking buddies and finished the 100 km walk in 30 hours. From left to right, yours turly, Chris Hartwick, Dave Pardini, William Ewy, and Steve Wible.
Flying kites at the Tiananmin Square in the Spring of 2002 during Daniel's ice hockey tournament.
At the Great Wall with kids, 2002.
img256 Caltech Alumni Association Dinner 2001 325-2581_IMG 327-2773_IMG
This photo was taken with Caltech's President and Nobel Laureate (Physiology or Medicine 1975), Dr. David Baltimore (right) and Caltech's Trustee, Dr. York Liao at Caltech's Alumni Association Dinner in 2001.
Taken at Lake Louis, Banff, Canada in 2004.
This shot was taken at the Columbia Icefield, Banff, Canada in 2004.
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Taken with the CSE Programming Team in 2005.
New Asia's Happy Run, October 2005.
Asia Pacific Neural Network Assembly (APNNA) Governing Board meeting at ICONIP2006, Taiwan.
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Taken at ICONIP2006, Taiwan with Prof. S.Y. Kung of Princeton University on the left and Prof. Fukushima on the right.
Taken with Dr. Mark Liao during my visiton to Academia Sinica after ICONIP2006, Taiwan.
Taken with Prof. S.Y. Kuo during my visiton to National Taiwan University after ICONIP2006, Taiwan.

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