To potential post-doc:

My research group has several post-doc positions available.

I am looking for post-doc in the areas of

''online learning'' (i.e., multi-armed bandit, reinforcement learning, online convex optimization, ..., etc) and/or
''quantum communication'' (i.e., quantum algorithms, quantum networks, ...etc), or at least has the interest to apply stochastic modeling, approximation algorithms and online learning on quantum algorithms and/or quantum communication networks.

Candidates with Ph.D in computer science, engineering, physics or statistics are strongly encouraged to apply. Please note that my group is seeking candidates who have a strong background in mathematics, machine learning, optimization, and algorithm analysis. And if applicants are from the physics background, we prefer them to have knowledge in quantum algorithms or quantum information science. If you are interested, please email me and provide me with your CV (or resume) as well as your background information. My email is:

The postdoc research fellow position will be contract based (2 or 3 years renewable) with attractive compensation package and good opportunity to engage in both theoretical and applied research, and will have the opportunity working with reputable researchers for universities and research labs from oversea.

If you want to find out more about my research group, please visit my homepage.

John C.S. Lui