Dr. CHAU Chuck-jee 周卓之

PhD (CSE), MA (Music), MSc (CSE), BEng (CE), LRSM (Piano), ATCL (Percussion)

I started my post as a Lecturer at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in 2018. I mainly work on fundamental service courses, as well as some introductory courses in the department. I have been away from CUHK for a dozen years for my postgraduate studies in HKUST researching in computer music, after finishing my undergraduate in CUHK Computer Engineering with a minor in Music.

With a passion in the blend of art and engineering, I created the course AIST2010: An Introduction to Computer Music in 2019. I also lead a few (computer) music related projects around. LinkedIn Profile Personal page


Here are some courses that I’m involved in.

Code Title Description
AIST1000 NEW! Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
An introductory course for AIST major students, overviewing aspects and prospects of AI
AIST2010 Introduction to Computer Music An overview on multiple disciplines in the realm of computer music, including analysis/synthesis, visualization, music programming, music information retrieval, and algorithmic music generation. A strong programming component ensure students will be able to explore further after course completion.
2019T1 2020T1
CSCI2720 Building Web Applications Almost everything in full-stack web development, from raw HTML to the ME*N stack
2018T1 2019T2 2019S1 2020T2
CSCI3250 Computers and Society Discussions, visits, and student presentations covering all non-technical corners of computer and technology
2018T2 2019T2 2020T2
CSCI3251 Engineering Practicum Some fun with technical aspects for every CSE students in workshops and collaborative projects
2018T2 2019T2 2020T2
ENGG1000 IT Foundation
An introductory IT course for all non-Engineering students in CUHK on topics including security and literacy
2018T1 2018T2 2019T1 2019T2 2020T1
ENGG1110 Problem Solving with Programming
Bootstrap programming course for all Engineering students
2018T1 2019T1 2020T1


Before joining CUHK, I held the post of Teaching Associate at the HK University of Science and Technology for some years. Here is a selection of courses I have been responsible for, especially in lab design and teaching:


Final Year Projects

Year Group Students
2020–21 CJC2001
Music Re-orchestration Automation
LAI Jian Zhong
Musical Instrument Design
LAW Hei Yiu
2019–20 CJC1902
Musical Instrument Design
MAK Hoi Lam
YIP E Qiao
Guitar Virtual Instrument with Physical Modelling Synthesis
* Accepted for oral presentation in ICMC 2020
HO Ka Wing
2018–19 CJC1801
Skill Matching Platform
CHAN Ka Wing
KWONG Lap Ting
Game development
YIP Tsz Hong

Projects I’m Leading

Computer Music Development (CMD)
From Summer 2020, I’ve started some projects with the funding support by the Student Campus Work Scheme, and the NAC Campus Service Award.
Since helping with its foundation in 2005, I have been participating as performer from time to time in the Engineering Concert from time to time. Now I take the role of advisor for the organizing committee since 2019.

Other advising roles

ERG L1 Academic Advising
Providing advice for small groups of first-year students in the Engineering Faculty
NA Student-Oriented Teaching & Seminars (STOT)
Leading (curating) a small class of Year 1 students from all faculties from our college for discussions and presentations
NA Mentorship
I’m trying to be a mentor in New Asia College Mentorship scheme since 2019


Research interests: Computer music, signal processing, audio engineering, music/visual programming, music technology


PhD Thesis

Other services