Academic Staff

Emeritus Professors  
CHEN Tien Chi 陳天機 Emeritus Professor  
WONG Chak Kuen 黃澤權 Emeritus Professor  
Distinguished Professor-at-Large  
YAO Chi Chih Andrew 姚期智 Distinguished Professor-at-Large
      Research Areas
LYU Rung Tsong Michael 呂榮聰 Chairman and Professor software engineering, dependable computing, distributed systems, mobile networking, big data, cloud computing, machine learning
      Research Areas
BOGDANOV Andrej   Associate Professor computational complexity, foundations of cryptography
CAI Leizhen 蔡雷震 Professor graph algorithms, parameterized complexity, & graph theory
CHAN Lai Wan 陳麗雲 Professor data mining, financial engineering, bioinformatics, neural networks, computational intelligence
CHAN Siu On 陳兆安 Assistant Professor Optimization, Approximation Algorithms, Computational Complexity, Random Graphs, Learning and Testing
CHENG James 鄭尚策 Assistant Professor Distributed systems, distributed machine learning, cloud computing, big data, data mining, graph/network analysis
CHEONG Chi Hong 張志航 Lecturer  
CHUI Yim Pan 徐嚴濱 Lecturer  
FU Chi Wing Philip 傅志榮 Associate Professor Computer Graphics, Visualization, and Human Computer Interaction
FU Wai Chee Ada 傅慰慈 Associate Professor Database, Data Mining, Big Data, Massive Graph Analysis
FUNG Ping Fu 馮炳富 Senior Lecturer  
HENG Pheng Ann 王平安 Professor AI and VR for medical applications, surgical simulation, visualisation, graphics and human-computer interaction
JIA Jiaya 賈佳亞 Professor computer vision, graphics & machine learning
KING Kuo Chin Irwin 金國慶 Professor social computing, machine learning, data and web mining, information retrieval, multimedia processing
LAM Tak Kei 林德基 Lecturer  
LAW Yat Chiu 羅日昭 Lecturer  
LEE Ho Man Jimmy 李浩文 Professor constraint satisfaction & optimization, satisfiability, search, IT in Education
LEE Pak Ching Patrick 李柏晴 Associate Professor storage systems, distributed systems and networks, operating systems, dependability, and security
LEUNG Ho Fung 梁浩鋒 Professor Multi-Agent Systems, Game Theory, Web Intelligence, and Evolutionary Computing
LEUNG Kwong Sak 梁廣錫 Professor of CS & E knowledge engineering, bioinformatics & data mining, machine learning, fuzzy logic applications, genetic algorithms & programming, AI architecture
LO Eric 盧至力 Associate Professor Big Data, Supercomputing, Database, Cloud Computing, Data Mining, Distributed Systems, Operating Systems, Distributed Machine Learning, Compiler, Software Engineering
LUI Chi Shing John 呂自成 Choh-Ming Li Professor of CSE network sciences, network economics, applied machine learning in networks & distributed systems, system security in mobile & cloud computing
MENG Wei 孟瑋 Assistant Professor Computer Security and Privacy
OR Siu Hang 柯兆恆 Lecturer computer vision & graphics, entertainment computing
SUM Kwok Wing Anthony 岑國榮 Lecturer  
SUN Hanqiu 孫漢秋 Associate Professor Virtual Reality, Interactive Modeling/Rendering, Real-time Hypermedia, Computer-assisted Surgery, Mobile Image/Video Processing, Touch-enabled Simulations
TAO Yufei 陶宇飛 Professor Database Systems and Theory
WAH Wan Sang Benjamin 華雲生 Provost, Wei Lun Professor of CS & E Nonlinear programming, with applications in financial engineering; Multimedia signal processing, voice-over-IP, and computer networks; Artificial Intelligence, planning and scheduling, and satisfiability.
WONG Kin Hong 黃健康 Associate Professor 3-D computer vision, visual and audio signal processing, computer music, embedded systems
WONG Man Hon 王文漢 Associate Professor distributed algorithms, databases, computer security
WONG Tien Tsin 黃田津 Professor graphics, vision, & multimedia
XU Lei 徐 雷 Professor of CS & E statistical theory & algorithms for machine learning, pattern recognition, computational finance
XU Qiang 徐 強 Associate Professor Fault-tolerant computing, Multi-core system, VLSI test and debug
YANG Ming Chang 楊明昌 Assistant Professor Emerging Non-Volatile Memory and Storage Technologies, Next-Generation Memory/Storage Systems and Their Applications, Embedded Systems and Their OS Designs
YIP Yuk Lap Kevin 葉旭立 Associate Professor Bioinformatics, computational biology, data mining
YOUNG Fung Yu 楊鳳如 Professor VLSI CAD
YU Bei 余 備 Assistant Professor VLSI CAD, Cyber-physical systems, combinatorial algorithm, machine learning
YU Xu Jeffrey 于 旭 Professor (by courtesy) Database, data mining
YUAN Cheng Jiun 阮征軍 Lecturer  
ZHANG Sheng Yu 張勝譽 Associate Professor quantum computing, algorithms design and analysis, computational complexity
Adjunct Professor  
LAU Lap Chi 劉立志 Adjunct Associate Professor combinatorial optimization, approximation algorithms, & graph theory