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 +====== Invitation to the Neural Networks Special Issue "Advances in Neural Networks Research-IJCNN 2007 Orlando"... ======
 +[[http://www.ijcnn2007.org|{{groupnews:logo5cs.jpg  |IJCNN}}]] May 9, 2007.  Xiang Peng's paper entitled, "Large Scale Imbalanced Classification with Biased Minimax Probability Machine" has been invited by the General Chair of IJCNN2007 to be considered for publication in the Neural Networks Special Issue:  "Advances in Neural Networks Research - IJCNN 2007 Orlando."  As you may know, this year's [[http://www.ijcnn2007.org|IJCNN2007]] celebrates 20 years of neural networks from 1987 to 2007!
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