The department’s research in computer vision, graphics, visualization and AR/VR aims at developing innovative idea, algorithms and systems, for enabling intelligent machine vision, visual entertainment, and data visualization needs in our daily life. Our long-term commitment is to invent creative, practical, and real-time paradigms to solve the challenging, real-world visual computing problems needed by the industry, as well as the ordinary end-users. In the past few years, we have been focusing on the following subfields

  • Deep learning based image/video recognition, processing, and synthesis
  • Medical image diagnosis, visualization, and virtual surgery
  • Data-driven image/video synthesis for visual entertainment
  • Parallel and real-time image recognition, visualization, and rendering
  • Computational fabrication and 3D printing
  • AR/VR for entertainment applications, medical applications, and data exploration

Academic staff: HENG Pheng Ann, WONG Tien Tsin, JIA Jiaya Leo, FU Chi Wing Philip