The department’s research in this area aims to create, innovate, and develop theoretical foundation as well as practical applications/systems to mimic human perception, cognition, action, and intelligence. Our research tackle interesting and challenging problems by formulating models and algorithms that adopt and learn from large data sets.

  • Algorithms on supersized graphs (with a particular emphasis on social networks)
  • Massively parallel general-purpose computing
  • Algorithms on ultra-fast data streams
  • Cognitive computing
  • Evolutionary computing: genetic algorithm, genetic programming, game theory
  • Machine learning: neural networks, fuzzy systems, network sciences, reinforcement learning, recommender systems
  • Autonomous agents, multi-agent systems, fair allocation of resources
  • Knowledge representation and reasoning: learning and inductive inference, search

Academic Staff: CHAN Lai Wan, JIA Jiaya Leo, KING Kuo Chin Irwin, LEE Ho Man Jimmy, LEUNG Ho Fung, LEUNG Kwong Sak, LO Chi Lik Eric, LUI Chi Shing John, LYU Rung Tsong Michael, XU Lei, ZHANG Shengyu