Mr. Daniel Lai
Government Chief Information Officer
HKSAR Government

Dear students,

IT has fuelled the economy, business and individual with unlimited potentials for growth and development. Every economy is looking fiercely for such opportunities, and Hong Kong has always been able to exploit them and reap the benefits because of the concerted effort and partnership of the Government, professional bodies, the academia, business sector and our community at large.

Growing up with the IT profession in the past 40 years, I have witnessed the rapid technological changes from proprietary mainframes, open reel tapes and punch cards to powerful mobile devices, client-centric applications with a strong element of public engagement and open solutions leveraging on data and standard interfaces. I have witnessed how IT has changed the world. Indeed, IT has fundamentally changed the way we learn, play and work. IT will continue to change the way information and knowledge is created, accessed and utilised for the betterment of the individuals and society.

With a passion for IT and in the spirit of serving the community, I have joined the Government as the Government Chief Information Officer (GCIO) on 3 January 2012 so that I can work with the IT profession and all parties to harness the benefits of IT for the Government and our community, to continue making Hong Kong a leading digital city, not just within Asia, but as a world recognised leader.

The IT professional career is both rewarding and meaningful. I invite you to join the IT profession to unleash the IT power for our society!

With warmest regards,

Daniel Lai