Industry CSE-The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Mr. Simon Chan
Deputy General Manager
Auditing Department
Bank of China (Hong Kong) Ltd

As an IT audit practitioner for years, I'm deeply impressed by the escalating growth in the demand for IT audit and IT security professionals in financial and all other industries. A computer science graduate who is well-equipped with the IT caliber could consider taking such challenge ahead.

Mr. Herman Lam 
Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited

ICT (information and communications technology) is everywhere now - your home, office and even at your fingertips! These technologies are part of our lives and have changed the way we look at things and even the world we live in. Many successful ICT veterans got inspirations from their parents, teachers and peers. Education institution is often the best place to nurture talents and a place to unleash your unlimited innovation and creativity. Join the ICT industry and let your passion change the world!

Mr. Daniel Lai
Government Chief Information Officer
HKSAR Government

Dear students,

IT has fuelled the economy, business and individual with unlimited potentials for growth and development. Every economy is looking fiercely for such opportunities, and Hong Kong has always been able to exploit them and reap the benefits because of the concerted effort and partnership of the Government, professional bodies, the academia, business sector and our community at large.

Growing up with the IT profession in the past 40 years, I have witnessed the rapid technological changes from proprietary mainframes, open reel tapes and punch cards to powerful mobile devices, client-centric applications with a strong element of public engagement and open solutions leveraging on data and standard interfaces. I have witnessed how IT has changed the world. Indeed, IT has fundamentally changed the way we learn, play and work. IT will continue to change the way information and knowledge is created, accessed and utilised for the betterment of the individuals and society.

With a passion for IT and in the spirit of serving the community, I have joined the Government as the Government Chief Information Officer (GCIO) on 3 January 2012 so that I can work with the IT profession and all parties to harness the benefits of IT for the Government and our community, to continue making Hong Kong a leading digital city, not just within Asia, but as a world recognised leader.

The IT professional career is both rewarding and meaningful. I invite you to join the IT profession to unleash the IT power for our society!

With warmest regards,

Daniel Lai

Mr. Sunny W K Lee, JP
Executive Director, Information Technology
The Hong Kong Jockey Club

I'm sure you'll agree that ICT is an omnipresent force that impacts and enriches every facet of our daily lives. It is also an important pillar of the local and global economy and increasingly underpins service delivery across all industries. With change the only constant in the industry, there are ample and exciting opportunities for further growth, research and innovation.

Are you up for the challenge? I urge you to take the first step in what will be a dynamic, rewarding and fun ride!

Mr. Gabriel Leung
General Manager
EMC Hong Kong and Macau

ICT is a fundamental driver of many key industries crucial to the long-term development of Hong Kong, and provides enormous business and career opportunities locally and in Greater China, as well as plenty of space for young people to realize their innovations and ideas. Ambitious next-generation visionaries can seize this great potential in the local ICT industry and contribute to its development for a better future.

Mr. Stephen Mak
Former Government Chief Information Officer
HKSAR Government

IT has changed the world. You can now meet anyone on the planet face to face using a smart phone. You will no longer lose your way with an intelligent map. You can learn, shop and bank online. Indeed, the digital revolution has fundamentally changed the way people behave, communicate, play and work. IT has forged new ways to create knowledge, educate people, disseminate information and perform business transactions.

IT is pivotal to the transition to a knowledge-based economy and provides the impetus to economic growth and development. The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has the conviction that all sectors of the community are entitled to benefit from the advancement of science and technology, and in particular IT, which plays a key role in enhancing the quality of life of the people in Hong Kong. Government's policy on IT under the Digital 21 Strategy is to take full advantage of the extensive use of IT to improve the efficiency, quality of public service and cost-effectiveness of Government bureaux/departments, and to enable citizens and businesses to realise the full potential of an information society.

The Office of Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) provides leadership for the development of IT within and outside the Government.

The OGCIO facilitates the Government in providing the public with information and services they need in an efficient and convenient manner by using IT effectively. We support the development of community-wide IT infrastructure and setting of technical and professional standards so as to strengthen Hong Kong's position as a world digital city. We collaborate with academic institutions, industry support organisations and trade associations to support the IT industry, including exploration of business opportunities locally, in the Mainland and overseas. In addition, we promote and facilitate the wider use of IT in the business sector and the community, and contribute to building a digitally inclusive society in Hong Kong.

IT is by its nature dynamic and evolving rapidly, which brings forth abundant opportunities for innovation, efficiency gains and process improvements in Government and the community. Plenty of opportunities exist. It is therefore of paramount importance that more committed individuals seize and capitalise on such opportunities. Why not get an IT related degree or qualification and join the IT profession to work together to harness the greatest benefits of ICT for Hong Kong and the world.

Ms. Susanna S C Shen
Head of Information Technology

Hong Kong is developing into a knowledge-based economy and Information Technology (IT) plays a strategic role in this transformation. The ability to leverage IT is a crucial factor in staying competitive in all sectors. I am an IT graduate and have been working in IT industry for over 25 years. I always find my career in IT both interesting and rewarding. The innovative use of IT is influencing our lives in all fronts. The demand on IT is huge and growing. Dreams, talents and IT can always work very well together.

Mr. Tony Tai
General Manager
IBM China/HK

The advance in information and communication technology over the past decade has changed the world fundamentally, making it smaller, flatter and smarter. IT has become intrinsic in every facet of our lives, and will play an even more critical role in enabling innovation and progress in business and society moving forward. For young people who look for growth and tremendous development opportunity while contributing to the betterment of society, IT is a profession of choice.