Intelligence Science
Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence
Techniques for Data Mining

Required Courses:
Elective Courses: (Choose at least 9 units)
  CSCI3220, 3320, 4220, 5030, 5050, 5150, CSCI5160/ENGG5102, CSCI5170,
CSCI5180/ENGG5103, CSCI5240, CSCI5250/ENGG5106, CSCI5280/ENGG5104,
CSCI5350, 5390, 5430, CSCI5510/ENGG5108, CSCI5580
ENGG1820, ENGG4030/ESTR4300, ENGG5781
Remaining units from the following:
  CENG/CSCI courses at 2000 or above level, (ENGG3802+3803), STAT2004, 2006