Code Title Units
AIST1110 Introduction to Computing using Python 3
AIST2010 Introduction to Computer Music: From Analysis to Algorithmic Music 3
AIST2601 Technology, Society and Engineering Practice 2
AIST2602 Engineering Practicum 1
AIST3010 Numerical Optimization 3
AIST3020 Introduction to Computer Systems 3
AIST3510 Human-computer Interaction 3
AIST4998 / ESTR4998 Final Year Project I 3
AIST4999 / ESTR4999 Final Year Project II 3
CENG2010 Digital Logic Design Laboratory 1
CENG2030 Fundamentals of Embedded Systems 3
CENG2400 / ESTR2100 Embedded System Design 3
CENG3410 Smart Hardware Design 3
CENG3420 Computer Organization and Design 3
CENG3430 / ESTR3100 Rapid Prototyping of Digital Systems 3
CENG4100 Smartphones: Hardware Platform and Application Development 3
CENG4120 Computer-aided Design for Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits 3
CENG4480 Embedded System Development and Applications 3
CENG4998 / ESTR4998 Final Year Project I 3
CENG4999 / ESTR4999 Final Year Project II 3
CENG5030 Energy Efficient Computing 3
CENG5050 Hardware for Human Machine Interface 3
CENG5270 EDA for Physical Design of Digital Systems 3
CENG5410 / ENGG5101 Advanced Computer Architecture 3
CSCI1020 Hands-on Introduction to C++ 1
CSCI1030 Hands-on Introduction to Java 1
CSCI1040 Hands-on Introduction to Python 1
CSCI1110 Introduction to Computing Using C 3
CSCI1120 / ESTR1100 Introduction to Computing Using C++ 3
CSCI1130 / ESTR1102 Introduction to Computing Using Java 3
CSCI1140 Programming Laboratory 1
CSCI1510 Computer Principles and C Programming 3
CSCI1520 Computer Principles and C++ Programming 3
CSCI1530 Computer Principles and Java Programming 3
CSCI1540 Fundamental Computing With C++ 3
CSCI1580 Visual Programming 3
CSCI2040 Introduction to Python 2
CSCI2100 / ESTR2102 Data Structures 3
CSCI2120 Introduction to Software Engineering 2
CSCI2510 Computer Organization 3
CSCI2520 Data Structures and Applications 3
CSCI2720 Building Web Applications 3
CSCI3100 Software Engineering 3
CSCI3120 Compiler Construction 3
CSCI3130 Formal Languages and Automata Theory 3
CSCI3150 / ESTR3102 Introduction to Operating Systems 3
CSCI3160 / ESTR3104 Design and Analysis of Algorithms 3
CSCI3170 Introduction to Database Systems 3
CSCI3180 / ESTR3106 Principles of Programming Languages 3
CSCI3190 Introduction to Discrete Mathematics and Algorithms 3
CSCI3220 Algorithms for Bioinformatics 3
CSCI3230 / ESTR3108 Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence 3
CSCI3250 Computers and Society 2
CSCI3251 Engineering Practicum 1
CSCI3260 Principles of Computer Graphics 3
CSCI3270 Advanced Programming Laboratory 2
CSCI3280 Introduction to Multimedia Systems 3
CSCI3290 Computational Imaging and Vision 3
CSCI3310 Mobile Computing and Applications Development 3
CSCI3320 Fundamentals of Machine Learning 3
CSCI4120 Principles of Computer Game Software 3
CSCI4130 Introduction to Cyber Security 3
CSCI4140 Open-Source Software Project Development 3
CSCI4160 Distributed and Parallel Computing 3
CSCI4180 / ESTR4106 Introduction to Cloud Computing and Storage 3
CSCI4190 Introduction to Social Networks 3
CSCI4230 Computational Learning Theory 3
CSCI4430 / ESTR4120 Data Communication and Computer Networks 3
CSCI4998 / ESTR4998 Final Year Project I 3
CSCI4999 / ESTR4999 Final Year Project II 3
CSCI5010 Practical Computational Geometry Algorithms 3
CSCI5030 Machine Learning Theory 3
CSCI5050 Bioinformatics and Computational Biology 3
CSCI5080 Advanced System Security 3
CSCI5120 Advanced Topics in Database Systems 3
CSCI5150 Machine Learning Algorithms and Applications 3
CSCI5160 / ENGG5102 Advanced Algorithms 3
CSCI5170 Theory of Computation Complexity 3
CSCI5180 / ENGG5103 Techniques for Data Mining 3
CSCI5210 Advanced Computer Graphics and Visualization 3
CSCI5240 Combinatorial Search and Optimization with Constraints 3
CSCI5250 / ENGG5106 Information Retrieval and Search Engines 3
CSCI5280 / ENGG5104 Image Processing and Computer Vision 3
CSCI5320 Topics in Graph Algorithms 3
CSCI5350 Advanced Topics in Game Theory 3
CSCI5390 Advanced GPU Programming 3
CSCI5420 Computer System Performance Evaluation 3
CSCI5440 Theory of Cryptography 3
CSCI5450 Randomness and Computation 3
CSCI5460 Virtual Reality 3
CSCI5470 / ENGG5105 Computer and Network Security 3
CSCI5510 / ENGG5108 Big Data Analytics 3
CSCI5550 Advanced File and Storage Systems 3
CSCI5560 Analysis of Boolean Functions 3
CSCI5570 Large Scale Data Processing Systems 3
CSCI5580 Online Algorithms for Machine Learning and Optimizations 3
CSCI5590 Advanced Topics in Blockchain 3
CSCI5600 Advanced Topics in Distributed Systems 3
CSCI5610 Advanced Data Structures 3
CSCI6200 / ENGG5189 Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence 3
ENGG1120 / ESTR1005 Linear Algebra for Engineers 3
ENGG1130 / ESTR1006 Multivariable Calculus for Engineers 3
ENGG1310 / ESTR1003 Engineering Physics: Electromagnetics, Optics and Modern Physics 3
ENGG1410 / ESTR1004 Linear Algebra and Vector Calculus for Engineers 3
ENGG1820 Engineering Internship 1
ENGG2020 / ESTR2104 Digital Logic and Systems 3
ENGG2420 / ESTR2000 Complex Analysis and Differential Equations for Engineers 3
ENGG2430 / ESTR2002 Probability and Statistics for Engineers 3
ENGG2440 / ESTR2004 Discrete Mathematics for Engineers 3
ENGG2720 / ESTR2014 Complex Variables for Engineers 2
ENGG2740 / ESTR2016 Differential Equations for Engineers 2
ENGG2760 / ESTR2018 Probability for Engineers 2
ENGG2780 / ESTR2020 Statistics for Engineers 2
ENGG3802 Introduction to Engineering Entrepreneurship 1
ENGG3803 Engineering Entrepreneurship Development Project 2
ENGG4030 / ESTR4300 / IERG4300 Web-scale Information Analytics 3
ENGG5781 Matrix Analysis and Computations 3