Code Title Units
CENG5030 Energy Efficient Computing 3
CENG5050 Hardware for Human Machine Interface 3
CENG5270 EDA for Physical Design of Digital Systems 3
CENG5420 Computer Architecture Hardware 3
CENG5430 Architectures and Algorithms for ParaIle Processing 3
CSCI5010 Practical Computational Geometry Algorithms 3
CSCI5020 External Data Structures 3
CSCI5030 Machine Learning Theory 3
CSCI5050 Bioinformatics and Computational Biology 3
CSCI5070 Advanced Topics on Social Computing 3
CSCI5080 Advanced System Security 3
CSCI5120 Advanced Topics in Database Systems 3
CSCI5150 Machine Learning Algorithms and Applications 3
CSCI5160 Advanced Algorithms 3
CSCI5170 Theory of Computation Complexity 3
CSCI5210 Advanced Computer Graphics and Visualization 3
CSCI5240 Combinatorial Search and Optimization with Constraints 3
CSCI5320 Topics in Graph Algorithms 3
CSCI5350 Advanced Topics on Game Theory in Computer Science 3
CSCI5390 Advanced Topics in GPU Programming 3
CSCI5420 Computer System Performance Evaluation 3
CSCI5440 Network-on-Chips for Many-Core Systems 3
CSCI5450 Randomness and Computation 3
CSCI5460 Virtual Reality 3
CSCI5530 Interactive Computer Animation and Stimulation 3
CSCI5550 Advanced File and Storage Systems 3
CSCI5560 Analysis of Boolean Functions 3
CSCI5570 Large Scale Data Processing Systems 3
CSCI5580 Online Algorithms for Machine Learning and Optimizations 3
CSCI6500 Seminars for M.Phil. Studies 1
CSCI7600 Seminars for Ph.D. Studies 1
CSCI8003 Thesis Research 3
CSCI8006 Thesis Research 6
CSCI8012 Thesis Research 12
Faculty Core Courses
ENGG5101 / CENG5410 Advanced Computer Architecture 3
ENGG5103/CSCI5180 Techniques for Data Mining 3
ENGG5104/CSCI5280 Image Processing and Computer Vision 3
ENGG5105/CSCI5470 Computer and Network Security 3
ENGG5106/CSCI5250 Information Retrieval and Search Engines 3
ENGG5108/CSCI5510 Big Data Analytics 3
ENGG5189/CSCI6200 Advanced Artificial Intelligence 3
ENGG5202/ELEG5410 Pattern Recognition 3
ENGG5281/ELEG5310 Advanced Microwave Engineering 3
ENGG5282/ELEG5500 Nanoelectronics 3
ENGG5291/ELEG5610 Fiber Optics: Principles and Technologies 3
ENGG5301/IERG5154 Information Theory 3
ENGG5302/IERG5300 Random Processes 3
ENGG5303/IERG5100 Advanced Wireless Communications 3
ENGG5383/IERG5240 Applied Cryptography 3
ENGG5392/IERG5040 Lightware System Tech 3
ENGG5402/MAEG5010 Advanced Robotics 3
ENGG5403/MAEG5020 Linear System Theory and Design 3
ENGG5404/MAEG5050/BMEG5120 Micromaching and Microelectromechanical Systems 3
ENGG5405/MAEG5100 Theory of Engineering Design 3
ENGG5501/SEEM5520 Optimization I 3
ENGG5601 Principles of Biomechanics and Biomaterials 3
ENGG5781 Matrix Analysis and Computations 3