Mr. Mak Chi Chung and Mr. Chan Chi Chun, undergraduates of the Department won the champion in the IEEE (Hong Kong) Computational Intelligence Chapter Final Year Project Competition, which was jointly organized by the Chapter and the Department of Computer Science, Hong Kong Baptist University. It aims to provide recognition of research efforts related in computational intelligence.


The awarded project, the CUPIDE (Chinese University Plagiarism Identification Engine) System, supervised by Prof. Lee Ho Man Jimmy and Prof. King Kuo Chin Irwin, is a new generation plagiarism detection software designed for promoting and upholding academic honesty in academic institutions. The system supports English, traditional and simplified Chinese, and provides a user-friendly web interface for class assignment management and submissions. It can handle documents in different formats including MS Word, Acrobat PDF, HTML and plain text. Submitted documents are compared among one another, and with other documents in the central database and the Internet. Output from the system is an originality report highlighting suspected plagiarized contents, and giving detailed analytic and statistical data.

The judges praised the project for the maturity and readiness for deployment and productization. Its unique features and differentiation from other similar products in the market is also commended, since it is the first such system supporting Chinese in the world.

In recognition of their contribution, the project also won other prizes this year :

Third Award in 9th Challenge Cup
Champion in CUHK Vice-Chancellor's Cup of Student Innovation

Homepage of IEEE(HK)CIC:

From left to right:
Prof. King Kuo Chin Irwin, Mr. Chan Chi Chung Andy, Mr. Mak Chi Chung Guy, Prof. Lee Ho Man Jimmy

From Left to Right:
Prof. King Kuo Chin Irwin, Mr. Mak Chi Chung Guy, Mr. Chan Chi Chung Andy, Prof. Lee Ho Man Jimmy

From Left to Right:
Prof. King, Mr. Wong Wan Yeung, Mr. Mak Chi Chung, Ms Hui Ka Wan, Ms Shek Yuen Ting, Mr. Chan Chi Chung, Mr. Lau Tak Pang, Prof. Lee