The 12th Challenge Cup was held at the Dalian University of Technology (DUT) between 15th- 20th, October, 2011. The bi-annual Challenge Cup is considered the premier national competition of extra-curricular technological projects of university students. Students of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) swept again the 12th Challenge Cup by winning the Hong Kong and Macau Cup, the fifth gold cup CUHK has got in five consecutive competitions. This is also the first time a higher institution got a fifth gold cup.

After all the effort and serious preparations for months done by CUHK teams, they finally achieved the goal of getting a fifth winning. All the six projects by CUHK having entered into the competition were highly acclaimed. Students from the department won two awards, including the Second Prize with "Augmented Reality Social Network" and the Third Prize with "SmartWard".

"Augmented Reality Social Network" was designed together by MPhil. Student Li Shun Pun and CSC student Yuen Kit Lun and advised by Professor Wong Man Hon. The fast development of smart phones has made mobile phones become something more than phone- calling and texting machines. The birth of social networking services has brought people closer. The group developed the apps for users to check the information about the buildings nearby, and, together with social networking services, to provide users with a different interactive communication platform. This project also won this year's Professor Charles K. Kao Student Creativity Awards (PCKKSCA).

"SmartWard" was designed by Ph.D. student Sze-To Ho Yin, CSC students Lee Chi Yuen and Mak Yiu Ming and supervised by Prof.Wong Man Hon, Prof. Chan Kam-tai (Department of Electronic Engineering) and Prof. Leung Kwok-sui (Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology). Due to the serious lack of manpower of healthcare staff in Hong Kong, the team developed "SmartWard" to relief health staff's heavy stress by applying information technology to the medical area. With the system, healthcare staff can handle the information and medical images of patients. Through the originally developed intravenous drip manager, medical staff can enjoy an automatic real-time intravenous drip monitoring function and can handle the data of patients at whatever place and time, so the quality of service can be improved. "SmartWard" was also a winning project of the first Professor Charles K. Kao Student Creativity Awards (PCKKSCA) , the Best Enterprise Award of the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Cyberport Creative Micro Fund Young Entrepreneur Programme (HK-SZ CCMF-YEP) and the 2011 Cyberport Creative Micro Fund Young Entrepreneur Program (CCMF-YEP).