Congratulations to Mr. NG Tsz Ming, a Computer Science Year 2 student, won the champion in the tertiary section of "Safe and Sustainable Transportation for Tomorrow" Paper Competition which was organized by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). His paper titled "Optimized Route-Planning System (ORPS)".

This paper studies vehicular flow by Optimal Velocity Model and its application in modifying algorithm of route-planning system. Optimized Route-Planning System (ORPS) is introduced in this paper which involves introducing new parameters to route-planning process so as to optimize road usage and time efficiency, in turn help achieve sustainability and safety of transportation in the future. ORPS is a proposed system aims at increasing time efficiency and reducing energy consumption, over existing automotive navigations which deal only with "shortest path" or "shortest time". ORPS aims at enhancing sustainability and safety of future transportation by optimizing route-planning process. The optimization can let the car travel with a high efficiency such that energy consumption is reduced. Regardless of power supply of vehicles (petroleum, electric, hybrid), such optimization can also reduce pollutants generation, which makes transportation more environmentally friendly. ORPS increases time efficiency and road usage. This enhances inter-regional coordination as traffic condition can be more easily monitored. Such coordination is very important in raising economical competitiveness of a city or country.