A team of six engineering undergraduate students supervised by Prof. LEUNG Kwong Sak and Dr. WONG Tsz Yeung of Department of Computer Science and Engineering ranked 7th out of 43 teams in the Asia Student Supercomputer Challenge 2013 (ASC 13) held in Shanghai, mid April 2013.

It is the first time for CUHK participating in supercomputing competitions. The competition requires solid knowledge in cluster building and tuning, parallel computation, system administration, etc. Nevertheless, none of teachers or students in CSE department had any past experiences in joining such kind of competitions. Despite of such a major disadvantage, our members: LAU Man Kin (CS 2/3), SINN Lok Tsun (CS 3/3), YAU Hing Tuen (CS 4/4), YIN Ho Fai (MIE 3/4), YIU Man Tung (CS 3/4) and YUNG Yiu Cheong (CS 2/3), have shown their strong dedication in learning everything from scratch in three months, and we would like to thank ITSC in assisting our team in acquiring new knowledge.

Information about ASC 13. The contest is open to all universities in Asia. A total of 43 universities from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and South Korea have participated in the competition. All 43 teams have participated in the preliminary contest from late January to early March, 2013. 10 teams were selected, including CUHK, as the finalists, joining the finals in mid April 2013.

The finals lasted for five days. Contestants have to set up everything, both hardware and software, from scratch, run scientific applications with inputs only be given during the finals, and optimize the running time.

ASC 13 official site: http://www.hpcchina.org/13en/index13en.php