Congratulations to Siu Wing Oi and Tai Tsz Wai, Computer Engineering final year students supervised by Dr. Matthew Tang, won the 1st runner-up of the Professor Charles K. Kao Student Creativity Awards (PCKKSCA) 2013. Their final year project's title is "Automatic Chord Identification in Music".

Automatic Chord Identification in Music - The Chord Analyzer is a chord analyzer, which is a Windows program that uses to analyze the harmonies inside sound tracks. Many people love to play music and cover songs but good tablatures are not always available. Since then, many people like to create their own tablature if the original one is missing. Here comes the problem. Are the personal tablatures correct or accurate enough? The Chord Analyzer solves the problem.

The Chord Analyzer can recognize chords from music with simple instruments. All you need to do is import a wave file to the program or start record your music with a microphone. The Chord Analyzer reads the sound track and output the results as a list. Graphical presentation makes the program user-friendly.

This is an overview of converting a sound wave (Fig.1) into chords (Fig.2).

Figure 1 Waveform of a sound track

Figure 2 A chord tab