Mr. Li XU, one of our PhD students in CSE Department under the supervision of Prof. Leo, Jiaya Jia, was awarded the Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship this year (2008-2009). The fellowship program is designed to empower and encourage PhD students in the Asia-Pacific region to realize their potential in computer science-related research as well as recognizing and awarding outstanding PhD students.

The fellowship is very competitive. This year, 90 distinguished Ph.D. candidates from 35 leading research universities/institutions were nominated for fellowships. Applicants included candidates from the Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore. Only 29 Ph.D students were selected, 3 in Hong Kong. The Fellowship award in HKSAR is presented by the Bill Gates, the Chairman of Microsoft at the 10th anniversary of Microsoft Research Asia.

Besides receiving a grand prize US$6,000 to support research activities, Li XU also have opportunities for internships at Microsoft Research Asia (Beijing). A Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship opens a window of opportunity for outstanding PhD Students in Asia-Pacific region, giving them a springboard to get a head start in their future research career.