Congratulations to Prof. Michael Rung-Tsong Lyu and his Ph.D student Mr. Zibin Zheng! They have been awarded the ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award for their paper, titled "Collaborative Reliability Prediction for Service-Oriented Systems", which was presented at the 32nd ACM/IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE) in Cape Town, South Africa, May 2-8 2010. It is the first time that Hong Kong researchers receive this prestigious honor since the establishment of the award. ICSE is the most influential international conference on software engineering. A total of 380 papers were received this year for the competition. The CUHK paper won one of the five distinguished paper awards.

The paper was awarded for its contributions to service reliability prediction. Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a major software framework for building complex distributed systems. Reliability of the service-oriented systems heavily depends on the remote Web services as well as the unpredictable Internet. The paper proposes a collaborative reliability prediction approach, which employs the past failure data of other similar users to predict the Web service reliability for the current user, without requiring actual, time-consuming Web service invocations. A user-collaborative failure data sharing mechanism and a reliability composition model for the service-oriented systems are also presented. Large-scale real-world experiments are conducted and the experimental results show the effectiveness of the proposed approach.